Reports 2016

Reflections on COP21 outcomes and next steps

5 February 2016

The Paris Agreement that came out of the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) has a number of positive elements, including the aim to limit global warming not just to 2°C but to pursue the target of 1.5°C, which was a positive surprise to many. At the same time, looking beyond Paris, there are questions over how this ambition will be implemented. A key challenge already being seen is how to protect the spirit of Paris and keep the international momentum going - tackling climate change was not really a high priority at the recent World Economic Forum at Davos. This momentum is especially important as the Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) will need to be strengthened. Those currently put forward by the countries lead to a path of 2.7°C increase in temperature.

Annika Hedberg, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre (EPC), chaired this Policy Dialogue with an expert panel of policymakers and representatives from business and civil society to explore the various dimensions of the outcomes of COP21. The panel considered the implications for the EU in terms of its climate and energy framework as well as what more can be done to reach out to third countries, ensure that the spirit of COP21 is protected and assist with the implementation of the Agreement.