Reports 2016

The U.S.’s Third Offset Strategy and its implications for transatlantic security

28 April 2016

The international strategic landscape is changing rapidly. As part of that landscape Europe, and by extension NATO, is facing threats from the South, East, and from within. These challenges are sometimes similar, and sometimes very different from those NATO faced in the past. At this Policy Briefing, Robert O. Work, United States Deputy Secretary of Defense, talked about how NATO might face these challenges, most notably the threat of terrorism and the challenge of a resurgent Russia and a rising China. All require new 21st century approaches, and NATO’s responses to them will define the future of Europe’s security in the transatlantic community for years to come. Against this backdrop, he presented the US’ 3rd Offset Strategy, which sets out new operational and organisational constructs, enabled by new, cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, and advances in human-machine symbiosis, in order to strengthen conventional deterrence.