Reports 2016

The geostrategic aspects of jihadist radicalisation

25 May 2016

Terrorism is now a global phenomenon; terror networks are spreading and different groups are linked across Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. The event explored how the West could better formulate and implement policies that can confront and eradicate radical jihadism. It also examined what more needs to be done to disrupt the process of radicalisation while also robustly dealing with those who have already been radicalised. This Policy Dialogue, organised in partnership with the European Foundation for Democracy (EFD), was one of a series of briefings addressing the challenges of jihadi radicalisation. The members of two different panels brought together a range of different experiences from around the globe, setting out how radicalisation and the road to jihadism differed in countries around the world. The dialogue also looked at how the funding of Salafi educational establishments and groups was fuelling the growth of radical jihadism.