Reports 2016

Britain and Europe: A new settlement?

14 June 2016

The Brexit referendum on 23 June is of the utmost importance, yet in the debate so far there has been an alarming lack of strategic and positive narrative about Britain’s historical and future role within Europe. A new EPC Challenge Europe publication ‘Britain and Europe: A new settlement?’ draws on the past to lay out the case for a positive future of engagement within the EU. Contributions from 14 prominent Britons who have extensive first-hand experience of the EU institutions provide important insights into events which have shaped - and still shape - our Union. The authors are Stephen Wall, David Hannay, David Edward, Peter Goldsmith, Robert Cooper, Heather Grabbe, Fraser Cameron, Graham Avery, Malcolm Harbour, Quentin Peel, Kirsty Hughes, Caroline Lucas, Brendan Donnelly and Andrew Duff.

The European Policy Centre held this book launch and panel debate as part of a wider series of activities on the EU-UK relationship funded by the King Baudouin Foundation and the Robert Bosch Stiftung.