Reports 2016

Health in all policies, a far-fetched dream?

21 September 2016

The CHES conference on ‘Health in all policies - a far-fetched dream?’ looked at the impact of various policies, including environment, transport, energy, migration, agriculture, and research and innovation on the health of populations. The health sector is under pressure from many different sources, and the influence policies outside the area of health have on health outcomes is a crucial issue in making health systems sustainable in the future. A panel of health experts explored how far responsibility for health lies outside health institutions, and what policy measures could be taken to have the biggest positive impact on well-being. The event was chaired by Hans Martens, Chair of CHES and Senior Adviser, European Policy Centre (EPC).

Speakers included: Roberto Bertollini, Former Chief Scientist and WHO Representative to the EU, Nina Renshaw, Secretary-General of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), Annie Pannelay, Healthcare Principal at the Economist Intelligence Unit, Isabel De la Mata, Principal Adviser, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, European Commission, Clive Needle, Policy and Advocacy Director for EuroHealthNet,