Reports 2016

Improving health system performance - Sharing experiences and tackling challenges

3 November 2016

European health systems are faced with growing common challenges: the increasing cost of healthcare; an ageing population associated with a rise in chronic diseases and multi-morbidity leading to growing demand for healthcare; shortages and uneven distribution of health professionals; and inequities in access to healthcare. Given the scale of the challenge, improving the performance of health systems is crucial. In this context, the European Commission is encouraging national authorities to develop Health Systems Performance Assessments (HSPA) in order to identify where improvements are needed, and to measure progress.

This CHES Policy Dialogue reflected on the state of play with regard to European health systems, and on how HSPAs can support EU member states in improving their performance. Among the issues addressed were: the recent developments in the implementation of HSPAs, the challenges encountered, and the opportunities offered by them to measure progress, share ‘best practice’, and guide policy-making. The discussion also touched upon the ways to use available data on European health systems to improve learning and exchange of experience between EU member states.

Speakers included: Hans Martens, Chair of CHES and Senior Advisor, European Policy Centre, Federico Paoli, Policy Officer, Performance of National Health Systems Unit, DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission, Francesca Colombo, Head of the Health Division, OECD, Pascal Meeus, Advisor, Belgium National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance, Peter Gyenes, Analyst, National Healthcare Service Center, Hungary