Reports 2016

Energy efficiency first – Is the EU on the right track?

14 December 2016

Energy efficiency has risen fast on the list of priorities concerning the EU’s energy policy. In its Communication on the Energy Union in February 2015, the Commission described energy efficiency as an autonomous pillar and “an energy source in its own right”. However, according to many, the full potential of energy savings has not been exploited, and the 2030 efficiency target of 27% set by the European Council in 2014 has been criticised for being less ambitious than what a “business as usual” scenario would achieve. At this Policy Dialogue, a panel of stakeholders and experts discussed the main findings of the Commission’s review of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), published on 30 November. Some of the main issues addressed were the potential for energy savings in the EU, the biggest obstacles policymakers faced in prioritising energy efficiency, member states’ progress on targets set for 2020, and how energy efficiency can contribute to the 2030 framework and the objectives of the Energy Union.

Speakers included: Marco Giuli, Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre, Radoš Horáček, Policy Officer at the DG Energy of the European Commission, Jan Rosenow, Senior Associate, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP), Jean-Jacques Marchais, Director of Energy Efficiency Standardisation and Regulation, Schneider Electric, David Donnerer, Policy and Communications Officer, Energy Cities, Dirk Roos, Head of Division Energy Efficiency and Small-Scale Energy Projects, European Investment Bank (EIB)