Reports 2017

Promoting European identity through active citizenship - How and what for?

21 September 2017

All over Europe, declining democratic participation, a stark aversion to party-mediated politics, profound societal transformations and growing individualism are on the rise. These trends are affecting all levels – local, regional, national and European - and have changed the way people relate to each other. What is the impact of such trends on people’s sense of a shared European identity? How can Europeans steer the direction of their continent without a sense of sharing the same destiny? What is the role of civic activism in addressing this challenge? Can it restore a sense of connectedness among European citizens and can we reconcile local and European realities through active citizenship? The young people of FutureLab Europe have taken up the challenge by designing and implementing five civic projects in 11 European countries, from Spain all the way to Ukraine, aimed at promoting active citizenship and a shared sense of European identity. At this Europe@debate, they presented and debated the results of the projects with a civic impact with key policymakers and decision-makers and sought to draw conclusions for future action.

Speakers included: Claire Dhéret, Programme Leader of FutureLab Europe, Andrew Bradley, Director of International IDEA – EU office, Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade, Member of the French Parliament, La République En Marche, Alessandro Giordani, Deputy Head of the Unit Citizens’ Dialogue at the European Commission’s DG Communication.