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Analysis of the impact of the Scottish Referendum on the Scottish-EU & UK-EU relationships

12 September 2014

On 18 September 2014 Scotland will participate in an historical referendum which might result in independence. Fabian Zuleeg, Chief Executive, European Policy Centre will be in Edinburgh from the 18 to 20 September, available for TV, radio and press interviews*,  to provide rapid analysis of the events as they unfold and answer the most pertinent questions with regard to the EU implications of the vote, including:


 In case of a Yes:

  • Will an independent Scotland become a Member State of the EU, and what would the timing, process and conditions be? Would Scotland have to adopt the Euro?
  • What impact will negotiations between London and Edinburgh have on the Scottish-EU relationship?
  • What impact will a ‘Yes’ vote have on the rest of the UK, especially in terms of a potential UK-EU referendum?

 In case of a No:

  • Could a potential UK referendum on EU membership re-open the independence debate?
  • Will the transfer of additional fiscal powers for Scotland in case of a ‘No’ vote be affected by EU economic governance?
  • How likely is Brexit and how would it affect Scotland?

*To arrange interview times please contact: Zak Suffee, Head of Media and Communications on +32 286 9374

Or Rebecca Castermans, Communications Assistant on +32 2235 0884

In a recent publication: ‘Scotland and the EU’, Zuleeg already analysed the impact of EU issues on the ‘Scottish Question’:


An independent Scotland in the EU?

 “The process for an independent Scotland to become an EU member is in essence a political one, requiring negotiations at EU level… negotiations might not be easy, crucially involving all other Member States (including the UK government) and the European Parliament, as well as the European Commission.”


The impact of a Scottish Yes on the likelihood of a UK referendum


“Scottish exit from the UK would … [make] an EU in-out referendum much more likely.



Attitude of Scotland towards the EU

 “There is also a general belief that Scotland is better disposed towards the EU than the South of England in particular. This is linked to an argument that any anti-EU sentiment is imposed on Scotland by parties which do not have political legitimacy in Scotland.”



Fabian Zuleeg has been commenting on the Scottish Question for a number of years, including:

·         Hume Occasional Paper No 80: Options for Scotland's Future - the Economic Dimension by Andrew Hughes-Hallett, Andrew Scott, Fabian Zuleeg, Lesley Sutton and Jeremy Peat, 2008

·         Written evidence from Fabian Zuleeg to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, 2012

·         Evidence to the Scottish Parliament European and External relations Committee, 2014:

He has also written extensively on the UK-EU relationship, including most recently ‘Brexit or not? Time for the EU to move’, September 2014,


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