Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Smart Regions – Measuring the real impact of ICT investment on regional development - Workshop
19 February 2014

The workshop served as an introduction to the project and brought together a wide panel of experts who work at the intersection of ICT and regional development.

The role of the state in boosting the competitiveness of industries - What challenges and opportunities? - Task Force meeting
11 February 2014

The meeting discussed the role of public authorities in promoting the competitiveness of European industries and explored concrete examples of public procurement of innovative solutions.

Towards toxic-free plastics and more sustainable recycling – Europe’s pressing challenge
11 February 2014

In the European Union, only 25% of plastic waste is recycled, and while recycling would make economic, as well as environmental sense, one of the main challenges to increasing this rate lies in the plastics themselves.

Towards toxic-free plastics and more sustainable recycling – Europe’s pressing challenge

The Digital Agenda in Europe - How far from the finishing line?
4 February 2014

The Digital Agenda is a "moving target" in a fast-changing world and is increasingly at the heart of a wide range of policies.

The Digital Agenda in Europe - How far from the finishing line?

Transatlantic perspectives on TTIP - Can TTIP deliver jobs and growth by bridging regulatory divergences?
30 January 2014

If signed, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US will become the world’s largest free trade pact.

Transatlantic perspectives on TTIP

Jobs and Growth: supporting the European recovery
28 January 2014

The Eurozone has finally moved into positive growth after five years of fall-out from the global economic crisis, but massive unemployment levels means the situation is still critical.

Jobs and Growth: supporting the European recovery

The Digital Single Market – Investing in infrastructure – Workshop
23 January 2014

The workshop reflected on ways to attract the investments that are needed to move the digital agenda forward,  assessed the effectiveness of various financing tools for digital infrastructure and analysed the potential of Public Private Partnerships.

After Bali – Can WTO and TTIP join forces? – Workshop
22 January 2014

The workshop addressed the outcome of the December 2013 Bali conference of the World Trade Organization (WTO), its potential implications for the future of the WTO and trade multilateralism, as well as the potential dynamics between the WTO and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

The European economic outlook 2014 - sustainable recovery?
16 January 2014

The panelists asserted that despite the euro having survived the financial crisis, there was a significant slowdown in world trade, growth, and unemployment which remained worryingly high.

The European economic outlook 2014

The external dimension of industrial policy - Task Force meeting
10 December 2013

This meeting debated and identified the measures and policy recommendations which could boost European industry internationally and in a coherent way.

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