European Politics and Institutions

The Arab awakening: four views from the region
14 November 2012

The crisis in Syria is having a diverse impact on politics in the wider Middle East and beyond. It is affecting relations between all major players in the region – not least Turkey’s relationships with Iran and Russia.

The Arab awakening

The European Union at a watershed moment
8 November 2012

Negotiations over the EU’s next MFF are reaching a crucial point, but it may still be possible to reach an agreement before the end of the Cyprus EU Presidency.

The European Union at a watershed moment

Testing times for Turkey: the road ahead
6 November 2012

‘Associate Membership’ could serve as a model for Turkey’s future relationship with the European Union.

Testing times for Turkey

Post-Summit Policy Briefing
22 October 2012

The October European Council was a relatively drama-free stepping stone on the road to a more decisive summit in December.

Post-Summit Policy Briefing

The Arab Spring - A Saudi Arabian perspective
22 October 2012

The world needs a ‘Fourth Way’ based on human rights provisions guaranteeing economic, social, religious and ethnic equality that can be applied across all cultures and faiths.

A Saudi Arabian perspective

The future of the EU: towards a mutually supportive integration
24 September 2012

The current crisis had its origins in the excesses of financial sector. But it soon became a wider economic and sovereign debt crisis, and it is fast becoming a political crisis to which the EU must urgently respond.

The future of the EU

Cooperation and geopolitics in the Black Sea: prospects and challenges
5 September 2012

The Black Sea region is of huge geostrategic importance to the EU, acting as an energy corridor and a bridge to the East, but the EU is yet to fully harness the potential for closer relations with partners in the region, participants heard in a Policy Dialogue.

Black Sea

To compromise or not to compromise? Albanian politicians between outdated dilemmas and European imperatives
3 September 2012

The recent polarisation of Albanian politics has seen the country waste a lot of time on its journey to potential EU accession, but the progress made in the last twenty years is striking, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.


A Federal Europe – The only way to save the euro and the EU?
12 July 2012

Federalism means different things to different people, but few commentators doubt that eurozone members must become more closely integrated if the EU is to overcome the crisis, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue held in cooperation with Notre Europe.

Federal Europe

EU climate policies – Can we meet the challenges of the future with the means of today?
10 July 2012

The EU’s emissions trading scheme will continue to be a key element of its climate policy, but the allocation of permits must be adapted to match the realities of the economic crisis and avoid over-flooding the market, said Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action, at a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

EU climate policies

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