Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Do we need more 'Social Europe' to rescue EMU?
24 September 2013

The social dimension of the EU’s Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) must be considered more systematically in order to make it deep, sustainable, genuine and legitimate.

Do we need more

Water cycle challenges in and beyond the EU – How big a problem? – Task Force meeting
23 September 2013

This meeting painted a picture of the challenges in the water cycle, both in and outside the EU, demonstrated why quantity, quality and access to water matter, and provided an overview of the EU’s water-related policies and tools for action.

Access to finance: how to restore the investment capacity of the industry? – Task Force meeting
13 September 2013

This Task Force meeting focused on the mechanisms and policy instruments which could facilitate industry’s access to finance in the context of a renewed industrial strategy.

State aid policies: an instrument for increased competitiveness? – Policy Lunch
11 September 2013

This Policy Lunch focused on the role of state aid in the context of a renewed industrial policy.

The Digital Single Market – Is Europe making progress? – Workshop
17 July 2013

The workshop examined how far policy initiatives have addressed the recommendations put forward by the EPC in 2010 and how successful the EU has been in promoting the Digital Single Market including in the field of data protection, investment and use of ICT, cross-border digital trade and online markets.

The Eurozone crisis – A new paradigm for change
4 July 2013

If the euro is to survive, there must be a long-term vision of enhanced political integration, characterised by joint debt, mutual liability and some transfer of national fiscal sovereignty.

The eurozone crisis – A new paradigm for change

A European framework for competitiveness: what needs to be done? - Task Force meeting
27 June 2013

This Task Force meeting addressed how to lift the barriers preventing EU companies from boosting their competitiveness, and how to better enhance the competitive advantage provided by the Internal Market.

Looking after 2020 – Creating a framework for climate and competitiveness
27 June 2013

The EU’s climate and energy policy framework for the post-2020 period must strike the right balance between protecting the climate and fostering European growth and competitiveness.

Looking after 2020 – Creating a framework for climate and competitiveness

Food taxes in the EU: an effective means to economic and health ends?
19 June 2013

A number of EU countries have experimented with food taxes, but the issue is extremely divisive and there is little consensus over whether they are justified on economic and health grounds.

Food taxes in the EU

Energy perspectives – Where are we heading?
18 June 2013

The EU is facing a number of challenges in the field of energy as it starts to mull its post-2020 policy framework, ranging from energy prices to security of supply.

Energy perspectives

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