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To compromise or not to compromise? Albanian politicians between outdated dilemmas and European imperatives
3 September 2012

The recent polarisation of Albanian politics has seen the country waste a lot of time on its journey to potential EU accession, but the progress made in the last twenty years is striking, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.


A Federal Europe – The only way to save the euro and the EU?
12 July 2012

Federalism means different things to different people, but few commentators doubt that eurozone members must become more closely integrated if the EU is to overcome the crisis, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue held in cooperation with Notre Europe.

Federal Europe

EU climate policies – Can we meet the challenges of the future with the means of today?
10 July 2012

The EU’s emissions trading scheme will continue to be a key element of its climate policy, but the allocation of permits must be adapted to match the realities of the economic crisis and avoid over-flooding the market, said Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action, at a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

EU climate policies

Post-Summit Policy Briefing
2 July 2012

At their 28-29 June summit, which took place in ‘deep-crisis mode’, EU leaders agreed on two immediate measures designed to relax bond markets and relieve the pressure on Spain and Italy, participants heard at a Post-Summit Briefing.

Post-Summit Policy Briefing

The EU and the Balkans - A long engagement or a happy marriage?
28 June 2012

Despite disillusionment with the slow pace of progress towards membership, EU accession remains the best anchor to secure economic growth and future prosperity for the Balkan region, heard participants at a Policy Dialogue.

EU and the Balkans

By Cypriots for the Cypriots – The only way forward for a solution
27 June 2012

The key to overcoming the stalemate in negotiations and making progress towards uniting Cyprus lies in Ankara’s hands, said George Iacovou, Advisor of the Greek Cypriot Community to the UN Peace Talks, in a Policy Briefing.

By the Cypriots for the Cypriots

Moving Europe forward
26 June 2012

The European Union must commit itself to credible and concrete solutions to become more integrated and more united – for example by moving towards a banking union – if it is to overcome the crisis, heard participants in a Briefing with European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

Moving Europe forward

Cyprus talks exhausted – Time for change?
19 June 2012

Past attempts to solve the Cyprus problem have all failed, and the latest round of UN talks is going nowhere, said Osman Ertuğ, spokesman for the leader of the Turkish Cypriot Community and Acting Special Representative for the Turkish Cypriot Community in the UN peace talks.


After the EU Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Lessons learned for the CSDP?
14 June 2012

Bosnia and Herzegovina is currently experiencing a delicate moment as the EU police mission there comes to an end, and participants in a Policy Dialogue discussed the lessons that can be drawn from the EU's involvement there.

EU Police Mission in B&H

Kosovo: how to turn its European prospects into reality
13 June 2012

The European Union must clarify its position on Kosovo’s status before significant progress can be made on future EU membership, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.


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