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2012 - A new opportunity to resolve the Transnistrian conflict? - Roundtable
30 January 2012

This roundtable addressed, among other things, the ongoing difficulties in Transnistria, how they may best be addressed, and whether the appointment of the country's second President, Yevgeny Shevchuk, can make a difference.

The European External Action Service one year on
25 January 2012

The creation of the European External Action Service (EEAS) can be a turning point for how the EU acts and is seen worldwide, said David O'Sullivan, Chief Operating Officer of the EEAS, at a Policy Briefing.

The European External Action Service one year on

Towards new methods of governance in European crisis and disaster management? - Workshop
24 January 2012

This workshop discussed the pros and cons of EU governance and debated the possibilities of extending it to new policy areas linked to European crisis and disaster management.

The fight for influence in the South Caucasus - What role for the EU?
14 December 2011

Public opinion towards domestic public institutions – as well as the EU – differs between the countries of the South Caucasus, heard participants in a conference organised in cooperation with the Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Improving regional security architecture through an Asia-Europe strategic partnership
13 December 2011

Security is an area in which EU-Asia cooperation can bear fruit, particularly as both regions share experience of conflict management, heard participants in a Briefing.

Europe in the world: The role of culture and soft power
8 December 2011

Europe is a declining force and other alternative global cultures are on the rise, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue organised in cooperation with 'More Europe'.

The EU's role in the South Caucasus
8 December 2011

The South Caucasus is a region of enormous diversity and potential, but it is being held back by conflict, territorial disputes, and problems with governance and the rule of law, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

EU-Ukraine visa-free dialogue - Moving forward or treading water? – Roundtable
7 December 2011

This roundtable discussion, held in cooperation with the Civic Initiative "Europe without Barriers" and the International Foundation "European Development", provided an insight into the progress made by the government of Ukraine towards the implementation of an Action Plan for Visa Liberalisation.

The EU-US Summit - Strengthening transatlantic cooperation
5 December 2011

It is in the interests of the United States to see the European debt crisis resolved as quickly as possible, said William E. Kennard, US Ambassador to the EU, at a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Paths through the crisis: Can enhanced financial integration provide the way forward for Asia and Europe?
2 December 2011

Europe will need to do more than simply move towards fiscal union while leaving the current EU institutional set-up intact if it is to boost growth, heard participants at a Policy Briefing.

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