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Paths through the crisis: Can enhanced financial integration provide the way forward for Asia and Europe?
2 December 2011

Europe will need to do more than simply move towards fiscal union while leaving the current EU institutional set-up intact if it is to boost growth, heard participants at a Policy Briefing.

EU-Moldova visa free perspective – More than just talk? - Roundtable
25 November 2011

This roundtable, in cooperation with the EU-Moldova Forum and the Open Society Institute, discussed the European Commission's first report regarding the Action Plan for Visa Liberalisation.

Transition in Afghanistan – Possible scenarios and their impact on Europe
15 November 2011

The EU wants to help stabilise Afghanistan and promote development, but a secure environment, contact between stakeholders and meaningful action to fight corruption and the illegal opium trade are prerequisites for success there, heard participants in an EU for Asia Brussels Briefing.

Spotting 'the next one coming' - the EU's role in risk assessment - Workshop
9 November 2011

This workshop, in cooperation with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) studied the challenge of assessing threat and risks at the European level.

The evolving regional economic architecture in the Asia-Pacific - Implications for the European Union
8 November 2011

Asia-Pacific nations are pursuing closer, more structured trade relations with one another and Europe must move quickly to boost its engagement in the region to avoid losing business opportunities to other key players like the USA, heard participants in a Policy Briefing.

EU-Brazil Business Summit
5 October 2011

Deepening the relationship between the EU and Brazil would benefit both parties at a time when more trade would boost sluggish growth in Europe and help raise living standards in the South American giant, heard participants at a Briefing.

Towards NATO's Chicago summit
30 September 2011

NATO leaders will announce an interim operational capability for the military alliance's missile defence system in Europe at their Chicago summit in May 2012, the alliance’s secretary-general, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

The EEAS and migration - Workshop
26 September 2011

This workshop discussed how the EEAS can help the EU develop a more united and strategic approach to migration in its relations with third countries.

Agricultural sustainability and conservation - Policy options for Europe and the United States
22 September 2011

Major achievements have been made in preserving wetlands and protecting highly erodible land in the USA, argued Ann Mills, Deputy Under-Secretary for natural resources and the environment in the US Department of Agriculture, at a Briefing.

Ukraine 20 years on: challenges for the future
21 September 2011

2011 will be a crucial year for Ukraine as it celebrates 20 years of independence from the former Soviet Union, government officials and policy makers heard at a European Parliament conference.

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