Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

The EU and the economic crisis - the next steps to recovery
11 January 2013

Despite progress made in 2012, the EU still has some way to go to overcome the crisis and must stay the reform course to revitalise its economy.

The EU and the economic crisis

Mobility, growth and jobs - The multilingual challenge of the Single Market
5 December 2012

The EU’s multilingual nature can be an asset for European companies, giving them the tools they need to harness multilingualism as a means of accessing multicultural global markets and gaining a competitive advantage over their US counterparts.

Mobility, growth and jobs - The multilingual challenge of the Single Market

Creating second career labour markets – Towards more employment opportunities for older workers
5 December 2012

The EU must face up to the twin challenges of ageing populations and mounting youth unemployment. Lifelong learning, health and safety at work and active ageing can help in this regard.

Creating second career labour markets

The role of welfare states in a changing Europe – Findings from the European Social Survey
3 December 2012

The resilience of the welfare state over time, its ability to protect citizens, and the future of welfare provision are all under the spotlight.

The role of welfare states

Post-Summit Policy Briefing
26 November 2012

It comes as no surprise that last week’s summit negotiations on the EU’s next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) did not produce a deal.

Post-Summit Policy Briefing

Can greening the economy provide a way out of the crisis?
26 November 2012

Green growth can help to boost growth and jobs in these difficult economic times.

Greening the economy

Accessibility - From European challenge to global opportunity
13 November 2012

Providing accessible goods and services presents ever-greater opportunities for businesses as the EU’s population ages.


A push for growth and jobs
7 November 2012

Project Bonds can help the EU to attract much-needed new investment in order to boost its infrastructure capacity and to make the Single Market function more effectively.

A push for growth and jobs

The Accessibility Act – Ensuring access to goods and services across the EU
11 October 2012

Accessibility is important for people with disabilities in order to allow them to fully benefit from the EU’s Single Market, freedom of movement and freedom of access to goods and services.

The Accessibility Act

20/20/20 – Can Europe still meet its energy and climate targets?
5 October 2012

Climate change remains an urgent issue for the EU to address.

energy and climate targets

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