Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

A Banking Union for all of Europe?
4 October 2012

Many issues remain unresolved regarding the proposed creation of a banking union for the EU.

Banking Union

Climate change – Is Europe ready to adapt?
26 September 2012

Failure to adapt to the consequences of climate change would harm not just Europe’s environment, but also its economy and the health of its citizens. Investing in climate change adaptation also brings economic opportunities in itself.

Climate change

Economic integration in Asia and free trade with the EU
25 September 2012

Free trade can provide Europe’s economy with the boost that it needs to emerge from the crisis – and the FTA with South Korea can serve as a model for EU deals with other countries in the region.

Economic integration in Asia

Reducing CO emissions from shipping - rethinking European policies
18 September 2012

Shipping emissions have not been a major focus of reduction efforts in the past, but now this is changing.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Building deeper economic union - what to do and what to avoid
17 July 2012

The euro zone must grant a central authority powers to limit the debt issuance of euro members, to intervene in national budgets and to change national policies in order to create a deeper economic union and secure the single currency’s future, said Jörg Asmussen, a member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank (ECB).

Building deeper economic union

The road from Rio: non-state actors as drivers of sustainable development?
13 July 2012

Civil society actors were able to make a positive contribution to the outcome of the ‘Rio+20’ United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue, organised in cooperation with the European Economic and Social Committee.

The road from Rio

Argentina’s unpaid loans – What are the risks for Europe?
28 June 2012

Argentina’s default on $81 billion of debt in 2001 was the largest sovereign default in history at the time. About 92% of this debt has since been restructured through swaps carried out in 2005 and 2010, and disagreements with the remaining creditors have continued to create tensions between Argentina and the international community for years, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

Making smart grids the building block for a greener economy - Roundtable discussion
21 June 2012

This roundtable discussion considered the challenges and potential related to creating a pan-European smart grid.

Creating second career labour markets – Towards more employment opportunities for older workers
20 June 2012

Pension ages are rising, as Europe’s population ages and austerity puts government budgets under strain, and policy makers are increasingly looking at second careers as a means of relieving the pressure on Europe’s creaking welfare systems, heard participants in a conference organised in cooperation with Bertelsmann Stiftung.

Second careed

Interstate solidarity in Europe - counting the costs - Forum meeting
19 June 2012

This forum meeting debated the usefulness and impact of the solidarity actions put in place so far and discussed the different options Europe has at its disposal to stop the contagion and restore confidence in the financial markets.

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