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Smart sanctions - A key instrument for EU foreign policy towards Asia?
23 June 2011

Smart and targeted sanctions practised by the EU could be more effective if utilised in a structured process similar to the ACP framework, agreed speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

Armenia in transition?
23 June 2011

The situation in Armenia seems to be one of stalling transition, with recent events in North Africa focusing EU attention away from the Eastern neighbourhood, agreed speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

The EEAS and terrorism - Workshop
16 June 2011

This workshop discussed the right priorities and tools for the EU to adopt with regards to terrorism, a decade after 9/11, and what role the EEAS can play in bringing coherence to relevant external actions and improving overall coordination.

Economic and social developments in Ukraine: time to take stock - Roundtable
9 June 2011

This roundtable discussed the current domestic situation in Ukraine as well as the country's relations with the EU and Russia.

The Asian development model and Africa: Eastern lessons for African challenges?
7 June 2011

Speakers at an EUforAsia Brussels Briefing debated the reasons for African economic stagnation and retardation, and the strong contrast between the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

Cultivating sustainable peace: the Global Peace Index
26 May 2011

The Global Peace Index for 2011 indicates that global peacefulness has dropped for the third consecutive year – by 5% over the past five years – speakers heard at a Policy Dialogue, organised in cooperation with the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The road to visa-free relations with the EU: prospects for Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia - Roundtable
26 May 2011

This roundtable, organised in cooperation with PASOS (Policy Association for an Open Society), presented a comparative analysis and overview regarding the progress made in Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia towards visa liberalisation with the EU.

Implementing the Lisbon Treaty's Solidarity Clause: Time for Action - Workshop
24 May 2011

This workshop focused on the possibility for an implemented Solidarity Clause to promote a more “coherent European risk management policy”, which is one of the main goals for EU internal security over the next few years.

Chinese energy policy towards the Caspian region
16 May 2011

China’s strategy for energy security and diversification of energy sources in the Central Asia region is entirely legitimate, agreed speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

The EEAS and human rights - Workshop
6 May 2011

This workshop addressed the potential capacity of the EEAS to improve a human rights-based foreign policy.

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