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EU and India: progress, ambitions, realities
23 November 2007

The EU-India Summit on 30 November offers both sides an opportunity to inject much-needed momentum into their hitherto relatively uninspiring relationship. This Policy Brief by Shada Islam assesses the limited progress which has been made to date in fostering closer cooperation between the two sides, and considers what more needs to be done by both the EU and India to forge a genuine strategic partnership.

The EU Foreign Service: how to build a more effective common policy
22 November 2007

This Working Paper analyses the key questions which need to be addressed and offers some ideas aimed at framing the debate.

The EU and Africa: coming together at last?
19 July 2007

The EPC Policy Brief by John Kotsopoulos warns that the Union risks missing out on the opportunities Africa has to offer if it fails to capitalise on the attention currently focused on the continent, and considers how best both sides can meet the expectations increasingly being placed on the relationship.

Reassessing the European Neighbourhood Policy
7 June 2007
Rosa Balfour (Senior Adviser to EPC on Europe in the World)

This Issue Paper by Rosa Balfour and Antonio Missiroli argue that changes to the ENP are now needed to narrow the gap between the goals it sets and the expectations it raises, on the one hand, and the results and outcomes it can deliver, on the other.

Asian Voices in Europe
30 April 2007

Over the past year, the EPC and the Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) have joined forces to organise a lecture series entitled Asian Voices in Europe, with a string of high-profile speakers debating a wide range of issues including the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), India’s economy, Japan’s tense relations with North Korea and China, and the Korean Peninsula’s nuclear crisis. This new publication brings together the reports on all these events and transcripts of the keynote speeches.

Building societal security in Europe: the EU's role in managing emergencies
17 April 2007

This Working Paper charts the EU’s growing role in this area, identifies the major challenges in developing this role and sketches out some possible ways forward.

The ENP three years on: where from - and where next?
27 March 2007
Antonio Missiroli (Director, EU Institute for Security Studies)

As EU Foreign Ministers prepare to meet in Bremen to discuss the future of the European Neighbourhood Policy, this Policy Brief by EPC Chief Policy Analyst Antonio Missiroli argues that the existing ENP cannot live up to expectations and is in need of reform.

The EU and Japan: a partnership in the making
21 February 2007

This Issue Paper by Axel Berkofsky argues that despite increasing cooperation in some areas, including foreign and security policy, much more could be done. It highlights, in particular, the need for Tokyo to address EU concerns about obstacles to market access and regulation.

Global trade governance: the WTO at a crossroads
4 December 2006

This Working Paper by Rorden Wilkinson, Raimund Raith, Robert Howse and Kalypso Nicolaidis highlights just how much is at stake in the negotiations.

EU-Turkey relations 43 years on: train crash or temporary derailment?
30 November 2006
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst)

This Issue Paper by Amanda Akçakoca charts the history of relations between the two sides, assesses the state of play in Turkey’s reform process and warns that domestic issues are likely to distract the government from membership negotiations over the coming year, whatever the outcome of the current crisis.

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