Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Rising to the China challenge - the future of EU-China economic relations
14 October 2011

China’s rate of economic growth is all the more impressive given its population of 1.2 billion people and the country should now be considered as a genuine competitor to the European Union, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue hosted in collaboration with BUSINESSEUROPE.

The MFF 2014-2020: The role of local and regional authorities in the EU budget - Workshop held by the EPC in cooperation with the CoR
4 October 2011

This workshop, organised in cooperation with the Committee of the Regions aimed at analysing the European Commission’s proposals for the EU’s next Multiannual Financial Framework and investigating their potential implications for regional and local authorities.

After Fukushima - the future of European nuclear power
23 September 2011

Despite this year’s catastrophic nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan, most EU countries have not changed their long-held attitudes to nuclear power, heard participants at a Policy Dialogue.

Roadmap to a resource-efficient Europe
22 September 2011

The roadmap to a resource-efficient Europe unveiled by the European Commission in September 2011 is yet to be approved by Member States or the European Parliament and there is a long way to go to turn ideas into concrete policy proposals, heard participants at a Policy Dialogue.

Resource efficiency - Task Force
21 September 2011

The Task Force on Eco-efficiency shared some of its initial findings and recommendations on the potential of eco-innovation and resource efficiency for Europe with Members of the European Parliament.

Health and well-being - Task Force meeting
15 July 2011

This Task Force meeting focused on the potential impacts of climate change on Europeans’ health and well-being and current adaptation measures, why Europe should prepare for this and what could be the EU’s role in managing these effects.

Re-launch of the Single Market - building on the potential
14 July 2011

The relaunch of the Single Market Act is crucial to achieving the EU2020 objectives said Malcolm Harbour, Member of the European Parliament and Chairman of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, at a Breakfast Briefing.

Reforming the budget, changing Europe: will the budget review transform Europe?
12 July 2011

The EU budget proposals were shaped under heavy constraints, in an economic and political climate that was very different than 2004, Janusz Lewandowski, European Commissioner for Financial Planning and Budget, told a Breakfast Briefing.

Which strategic framework for the future of Public Private Partnerships in Europe? - Task Force meeting
5 July 2011

This meeting focused on ensuring appropriate use of PPP solutions at national level, how capacity can be effectively built and how know-how can be fostered

The changing face of health markets - time to empower health consumers? - CHES Roundtable
29 June 2011

Health markets are changing due to a number of different developments, and there is a greater need for cooperation between the various stakeholders. This CHES Roundtable focused on the role of the patient in this changing picture.

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