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Searching for solidarity: developing EU capacities for crisis and disaster management
24 March 2011

The Lisbon Treaty has provided the EU with a new legal framework that makes it better equipped to deal with crises and disasters, and speakers at a Policy Dialogue, organised jointly with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), noted that bureaucracies are still struggling to adapt to the changing landscape of threats and risks.

Time for a new European Security Strategy?
23 March 2011

Testing times for Europe demand effective security policies and a strategic framework with clear priorities, agreed speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

The peace-building prospects of the EEAS - Workshop
21 March 2011

This workshop discussed the ways in which the EEAS can improve peace-building policies after conflict, preventing new conflicts and moving towards longer-term strategies for sustainable peace.

North Korea - an insider view
17 March 2011

Speaking at an EUforAsia Brussels briefing, Edward Pietrzyk, Polish Ambassador to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, gave a vivid presentation of the daily life of people in North Korea, stressing their resourcefulness and friendly attitude.

Change in the Middle East - an Israeli perspective
1 March 2011

Israel would welcome a peaceful and non violent solution to current changes in the Middle East, said Danny Ayalon, Deputy Foreign Minister of Israel at a Breakfast Briefing organised in cooperation with the Mission of Israel to the EU.

Ukraine under Yanukovych – one year on - Roundtable
22 February 2011

This Roundtable discussed developments in Ukraine, including its relations with the EU, one year after Victor Yanukovych became President.

The EEAS and the challenges of crisis management - Workshop
17 February 2011

This workshop focused on how the EEAS can help the EU develop a stronger and more united approach to foreign policy.

The Transatlantic trade relationship - achieving its full potential
10 February 2011

The US-EU trade relationship is the world’s largest, with trade flows exceeding $3.5 billion each day, said Deputy US Trade Representative Miriam E. Sapiro at a Breakfast Briefing organised in cooperation with the United States Mission to the EU.

Afghan women: an uphill struggle for legal rights
1 February 2011

This is a good time for women in Afghanistan, although there are still serious security problems that make life very difficult, according to speakers at an EUforAsia Brussels Briefing.

The European External Action Service - A new impetus for EU foreign policy?
31 January 2011

The European External Action Service (EEAS) may not be ‘mission impossible’, but it isn’t living up to its expectations, and needs to put essential factors in place, agreed speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

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