Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Reforming the budget, changing Europe: will the budget review transform Europe?
12 July 2011

The EU budget proposals were shaped under heavy constraints, in an economic and political climate that was very different than 2004, Janusz Lewandowski, European Commissioner for Financial Planning and Budget, told a Breakfast Briefing.

Which strategic framework for the future of Public Private Partnerships in Europe? - Task Force meeting
5 July 2011

This meeting focused on ensuring appropriate use of PPP solutions at national level, how capacity can be effectively built and how know-how can be fostered

The changing face of health markets - time to empower health consumers? - CHES Roundtable
29 June 2011

Health markets are changing due to a number of different developments, and there is a greater need for cooperation between the various stakeholders. This CHES Roundtable focused on the role of the patient in this changing picture.

Post-Summit Briefing
27 June 2011

The June EU Summit was overshadowed by the eurozone crisis, following political turmoil in Greece and, while some concrete decisions were taken, the question remains whether the right recipe has been found for the crisis, speakers said at a Post-Summit Briefing.

Economic study - Task Force meeting
22 June 2011

At this meeting, Copenhagen Economics presented the Economic Study, followed by a discussion on public and private investment, the importance of better regulation, the benefits of Europe setting the standards in resource efficiency and the potential productivity gains of having all companies moving towards resource efficiency targets.

Striving for a resource-efficient Europe - The Green economy and global sustainability
8 June 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue agreed that, although there has been progress on sustainable development, there is a need for fresh ideas and better governance.

Presidencies talking: Health Council Briefing and the next steps towards active healthy ageing
7 June 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue highlighted the importance of promoting "active ageing" and investing in health, because it has knock-on effects for the European Union, not least the Europe 2020 policy.

The European social model - A driving force for growth and well-being?
19 May 2011

Well-being is an essential element of the European Social Model (ESM) and should be at the heart of EU social investment with sound political and financial backing, agreed speakers at the final conference of the 'Well-being 2030' project.

Corruption in climate governance - why is it an issue for Europe?
18 May 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue, organised in cooperation with Transparency International (TI), discussed the merits and weaknesses of TI’s Global Corruption Report: Climate Change, and considered the EU’s role in strengthening climate change governance and the important contribution of the European Investment Bank and industry.

What potential for Public Private Partnerships in Europe? - Workshop
18 May 2011

This workshop looked into how experts perceive the role and the potential impact that PPPs might have in achieving both fiscal sustainability and the objectives of Europe 2020.

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