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A new European contract for the Balkans and Turkey: the role of Greece
22 November 2010

Dimitris Droutsas, Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, took a slightly cynical approach to the “ritual of assessing candidate countries” at a breakfast briefing, as he felt the public had lost interest and enlargement its political impetus.

Cross-border terrorism: time for global action?
22 November 2010

The ways in which countries and multinational organisations cooperate in order to stop international and cross-border terrorism raises extremely complicated issues, agreed speakers at an EUforAsia Brussels Briefing.

Is the EU losing Ukraine or is it business as usual? - Roundtable
19 November 2010

This Roundtable, in collaboration with the Open Society Institute and the International Renaissance Foundation in Kyiv, provided insights into the progress made by the Yanukovych government in some areas and the perceived deterioration in others.

Reinforcing the Union's disaster capacity response
28 October 2010

With the number of disasters rising every year, it is vital to create a comprehensive, holistic European Disaster Response mechanism, said Kristalina Georgieva, European Commissioner for International Cooperation, Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response at a breakfast briefing.

Belarus and the EU: business as usual? - Roundtable
28 October 2010

This Roundtable discussion assessed the EU's approach thus far and resulted in many proposals on the way forward for the EU's relationship with its 'isolated neighbour to the East'.

China-EU relations: what prospects for the next 35 years?
27 October 2010

There was widespread agreement that relations between the EU and China are at a difficult juncture, at a policy dialogue organised in conjunction with the Europe-Asia Policy Forum.

Ukraine: a new president, a new foreign policy?
26 October 2010

At a Policy Briefing hosted by the EPC, the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the EU-Ukraine Business Council, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kostyantyn Gryshchenko said Ukraine is becoming a stable political country, introducing constitutional reforms and a pragmatic foreign policy to herald its moves towards European integration.

Moldova: in search of a breakthrough - Roundtable
7 October 2010

At this Roundtable, both speakers and participants were hopeful that Moldova can look forward to a more stable political climate in the near future following elections.

Intercultural trends and values in the Euro-Mediterranean region: the launch of the Anna Lindh Report 2010
15 September 2010

The 2010 Anna Lindh Report which surveyed the views of citizens in the Euro-Mediterranean region found that, when one delved beneath the stereotypes, they held many views in common, and wanted to live in peaceful coexistence, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue organised in conjunction with the Anna Lindh Foundation and the King Baudouin Foundation.

Thailand after the crisis: domestic and international challenges
23 June 2010

Throughout the last century, Thailand struggled and succeeded in becoming a fully-fledged liberal democracy, but recent events have unsettled the country, said Ambassador Kasit Piromya, Thai Foreign Minister at a Policy Briefing organised in cooperation with Leiden University's International Institute for Asian Studies.

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