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Moldova: in search of a breakthrough - Roundtable
7 October 2010

At this Roundtable, both speakers and participants were hopeful that Moldova can look forward to a more stable political climate in the near future following elections.

Intercultural trends and values in the Euro-Mediterranean region: the launch of the Anna Lindh Report 2010
15 September 2010

The 2010 Anna Lindh Report which surveyed the views of citizens in the Euro-Mediterranean region found that, when one delved beneath the stereotypes, they held many views in common, and wanted to live in peaceful coexistence, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue organised in conjunction with the Anna Lindh Foundation and the King Baudouin Foundation.

Thailand after the crisis: domestic and international challenges
23 June 2010

Throughout the last century, Thailand struggled and succeeded in becoming a fully-fledged liberal democracy, but recent events have unsettled the country, said Ambassador Kasit Piromya, Thai Foreign Minister at a Policy Briefing organised in cooperation with Leiden University's International Institute for Asian Studies.

The new population bomb
22 June 2010

Professor Jack Goldstone explained the causes of the current challenges that the world is facing due to population migration and outlined possible solutions for tackling these at a Sixty-Minute Briefing organised in cooperation with the United States Mission to the EU.

Ensuring sustainable development: a common challenge for Asia and Europe
16 June 2010

As both Asia and the EU are both net energy important and need to diversity their energy sources, the two regions should cooperate to develop a low carbon economy, develop renewables and be more energy efficient, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue, held in cooperation with Leiden University’s International Institute for Asia Studies.

The Rome Treaty Review Conference: prospects for transitional justice with and beyond the International Criminal Court
15 June 2010

David Tolbert, President of International Center for Transitional Justice, explained the progress that has been made in transitional justice, while also touching on areas that need improvement, at a Policy Briefing.

The Global Peace Index: what a difference peace makes
10 June 2010

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue, held in cooperation with the Institute for Economics and Peace, explained that the world has become less peaceful since 2009, but expressed hope, while sharing ideas for how to create a more peaceful future.

Security and stability in the South Caucasus after the August War: a new strategy for engagement with Georgia?
9 June 2010

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue held on 9 June discussed stability in the South Caucasus, specifically in Abkhazia and Georgia.

Europe viewed from Teheran: prospects for EU-Iran relations
2 June 2010

Iran wants “civilised dialogue” with Europe, based on an acceptance of different cultures, values and understanding, and ‘outside parties’ need to understand the reality on the ground said Manouchhe Mottaki, Iranian Foreign Minister at a Policy Briefing.

Improving Europe’s humanitarian assistance: lessons from Haiti and other crises
11 May 2010

Development Assistance Research Associates’ (DARA) Humanitarian Response Index plays a very useful role in evaluating good donor practice on the part of governments and the institutions, like ECHO, and throws up problems to be addressed, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue, held in cooperation with DARA.

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