Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Energy efficiency and the economic studies - Task Force meeting
11 May 2011

This meeting discussed policy developments in the area of eco-efficiency and the measures needed to achieve the energy efficiency target within the wider framework for resource efficiency.

Adapting infrastructures: water, construction, energy and transport - Task Force meeting
10 May 2011

This meeting looked at the impact of climate change and natural catastrophes on Europe’s infrastructure, why adaptation is needed and why EU Member States should cooperate in the process.

Tackling demographic change: what role for European labour markets?
27 April 2011

Demographic change presents a ‘massive challenge’ to European labour market performance, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue, and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency at the European level.

EU budget and allocation of money - Task Force meeting
27 April 2011

This Task Force meeting focused on the ways in which eco-innovation and resource efficiency can be effectively pursued through the EU budget.

The road to a sustainable EU - what priorities for climate policy?
14 April 2011

The new EU roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy by 2050 highlights the importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency, said Jos Delbeke, European Commission Director General for Climate Action, at a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

The new model of economic governance - a quantum leap?
11 April 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue gave an overview of economic governance proposals from the Commission and discussed the suggestion of an international panel of experts to help the Commission become more independent.

Shared society and inclusiveness: key drivers for well-being by 2020 and beyond
29 March 2011

One in six people in Europe are in poverty, which affects their rights and ability to realise their full potential and is costly to society, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue, held in the context of the Well-being 2030 project and jointly organised with Club de Madrid.

Air transport and aviation policy in the EU: prospects and challenges
28 March 2011

Although great strides are being made in aviation security, safety, passenger rights and noise reduction, unresolved headaches remain, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue on the day the Commission launched its "Transport 2050" White Paper.

Post-Summit Briefing
28 March 2011

Although the March EU Summit provided a quantum leap in economic governance, it failed to deal with the short-term crisis and severe banking sector problems, said speakers at a Post-Summit Briefing.

More equal income distribution in Europe for better economic and social stability? – Forum meeting
23 March 2011

This meeting analysed the main drivers and effects of income inequality in Europe and looked into the tools which are more likely to reduce income inequality.

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