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Trading our way out of the recession
24 March 2010

At a Policy Briefing, Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organization, explained how trade is crucial component to recovering from the recession.

The International Criminal Court: bringing justice to international affairs
23 March 2010

At a Policy Briefing, Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, discussed the Court’s objective to help create peace via international judicial systems.

Lights out? The energy outlook in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
18 March 2010

Speakers at a policy dialogue explained why Eastern European and Central Asian countries could lose their role as energy exporters by 2030, and what governments can do to prevent this.

How to eliminate nuclear threats: a practical agenda
11 March 2010

A policy briefing discussed the agenda in a report by the International Commission on Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, which includes short-, medium- and long-terms recommendations.

A new era for CFSP?
23 February 2010

At a policy briefing, Carl Bildt, Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, discussed recent events affecting EU foreign and security policy, and the Union’s need to strive to remain a credible global player.

Seeking justice and making peace: mission (im)possible?
1 February 2010

At a policy briefing, Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch, explained how bringing perpetrators of mass atrocities to justice in conflict zones can help lead to peace.

US-EU relations - a new page or a new script?
13 January 2010

At an EPC Breakfast Briefing, William E. Kennard, US Ambassador to the EU, discussed that the time is now, under the Obama administration, to strengthen transatlantic relations.

Eastern Partnership: state of play
8 December 2009

A year after its establishment the Eastern Partnership is helping to create political stability in the region, but both perseverance and enthusiasm are needed for it to fulfil its lofty ambitions, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue held with kind support of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Security and stability in the EU's Eastern Neighbourhood: prospects and challenges
27 November 2009

The Berlin Wall that divided Europe has fallen, and while some countries in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood want to become part of the EU, others prefer to forge different alliances. However all consider themselves “European” in their values and approach and want visa-free travel, speakers said at a Policy Dialogue.

Russia and Europe: strategic partnership and energy dialogue
25 November 2009

The EU and Russia need to forge a new relationship, and to move beyond the Cold War standoff to a constructive dialogue about confronting joint security threats and global problems and about EU-Russian energy interests, said Igor Ivanov, former Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs and member of LUKOIL Board of Directors at a Policy Briefing.

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