European Politics and Institutions

Towards an EU Foreign Service
15 April 2005

One of the most interesting innovations in the new Constitutional Treaty is the provision for an EU Foreign Minister, supported by an EU External Action Service. This is a cumbersome name and is likely to be shortened to EU Foreign Service. But how will this new Service work? Where will it be located and what role should it play? What will be the implications for the institutions and the national diplomatic services of Member States? These and other questions are addressed in this Issue Paper by Giovanni Grevi and Fraser Cameron.

Denial of Citizenship - A Challenge to Human Security
6 April 2005

This Issue Paper presents the findings of an Expert Meeting on the denial of citizenship, which was highlighted in the Human Security (Ogata) Report, presented to the United Nations.

The Hague Programme: Strengthening Freedom, Security and Justice in the EU
9 February 2005

In this Working Paper, experienced observers and practitioners deliver the first comprehensive analysis of the challenges facing the Union following the recent adoption of the Hague Programme.

The Barroso Commission - Unfinished Business?
27 October 2004

Following the decision by Commission President José Manuel Durão Barroso to withdraw his designated College of Commissioners from a vote in the European Parliament, John Palmer and Giovanni Grevi examine the impact of this decision and lay out the policy priorities for the new EU-Commission. This Issue Paper follows the publication of reports on all 25 hearings of Commissioner Designates.

Light and Shade of a quasi-Constitution
23 June 2004

In this Issue Paper, Giovanni Grevi scrutinises the final Constitutional Treaty by comparing it to the Convention's draft.

Enlargement - The Political Impact
27 April 2004

With the European Union formally opening its doors to 10 new Member States on 1 May, Fraser Cameron analyses the political impact of enlargement in this Issue Paper.

Integrating Europe: Multiple Speeds - One Direction?
8 April 2004

Population and Votes in the Council of Ministers: Squaring the Circle
15 January 2004

Since the failure of the December Brussels Summit to agree on the shape of Europe's new Constitution, voting systems in the Council of Ministers have become a renewed area of debate. Dan S. Felsenthal and Moshé Machover decipher the mathematics behind the arguments.

What perspectives for Islam and Muslims in Europe?
8 December 2003

In this Issue Paper, Mirjam Dittrich sets out the historical backdrop and current context necessary to engage in an inclusive debate on the challenges facing multicultural societies in Europe.

Reflections on Work Visa Regimes in Advanced Industrial Societies
16 September 2003

Demetrios G. Papademetriou, in his contribution to the second Issue Paper, argues that that immigration is a complex policy tool which, providing it is used correctly, can meet short and long term labour market needs, thereby contributing to economic growth and competitiveness.

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