European Politics and Institutions

Debating the Constitution: between realism and revival
23 May 2007

As the German Presidency searches for a way out of the impasse over the Constitutional Treaty ahead of the June EU summit, this Policy Brief by EPC Policy Analyst Sara Hagemann and Director of Studies Antonio Missiroli examines the alternatives which have been suggested for moving forward.

European Citizens' Consultations: expert commentaries
14 May 2007

Representatives of the 1,800 citizens from all 27 EU Member States who took part in the European Citizens’ Consultations, the biggest-ever pan-European debate on the future of Europe, have delivered their report to EU policy-makers. This paper analyses the outcome of those deliberations, organised by a network of independent and non-political foundations, think tanks and civil society organisations.

Blue skies over Berlin?
27 March 2007

This Commentary warns that despite the more positive mood around the Union’s top table, the arguments over the drafting of the Berlin Declaration illustrate just how difficult it will be to bridge the gap between the Constitution’s supporters and those who favour a minimalist approach.

Balkans in Europe: why, when and how?
5 March 2007

In 2003, EU leaders promised the countries of the Western Balkans that their future lay within the Union. However, several Member States have since succumbed to ‘enlargement fatigue’ and this has fuelled doubts about the EU’s commitment to the process. This Policy Brief by Graham Avery and Judy Batt argues that the Union has a moral and political responsibility to keep its promise, considers the likely timeframe for membership and assesses how to move the process forward.

The European Commission at 27: between reshuffle and reform
24 November 2006

This Policy Brief by Analyst Antonio Missiroli assesses President José Manuel Barroso’s decision to opt for a minimalist reshuffle rather than a more radical shake-up of his team and considers what reforms might be needed to ensure that the Commission can continue to operate effectively in an EU of 27-plus members.

Towards a Common European Asylum Policy
17 October 2006

This Issue Paper by Stefano Bertozzi and Ferruccio Pastore assesses the progress made so far in developing a Common European Asylum Policy, highlights the work which still needs to be done, and warns that both effective implementation and political commitment are essential to the process.

Absorption capacity: old wine in new bottles?
25 September 2006

On the eve of the European Commission’s report on whether Bulgaria and Romania are ready to join the EU in January 2007, Guillaume Durand and Antonio Missiroli consider the vexed question of the Union’s capacity to absorb new members.

Security sector reform in the Balkans: a key to ending conflict
28 June 2006

Security sector reform is essential in post-conflict countries in the Balkans to achieve sustainable peace, argues Lucia Montanaro-Jankovski in this Policy Brief.

One size fits all? Tailored integration policies for migrants in the European Union
4 May 2006

This Working Paper by Elizabeth Collett warns that EU Member States’ integration policies have not kept pace with these developments and neglect the needs of temporary migrants.

Muslims in Europe: addressing the challenges of radicalisation
24 March 2006

This Working Paper by Mirjam Dittrich charts the growth of ‘Euro-Islam’, considers the factors which contribute to violent radicalisation, warns of the risks associated with failed integration, and argues for concerted action at EU and Member State level to bring Europe’s Muslims ‘in from the cold’ and prevent the feared ‘clash of civilisations’.

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