European Politics and Institutions

Democracy in Turkey
8 June 2010

During a Policy Dialogue, speakers disagreed about whether Turkey had reached the goal of being a democracy, but agreed that it was an emerging regional political power, and should become an EU member.

Justice, freedom and security in the EU: a stock-taking
7 June 2010

Jonathan Faull, Director General of the European Commission’s Justice, Freedom and Security (JLS) Department described the large impact that the Lisbon Treaty has on JLS at a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

The global crisis and the Turkish economy
3 June 2010

At a Policy Briefing held in cooperation with TUSKON, Mehmet Şimşek, Turkish Finance Minister explained Turkey’s resilience to the global crisis and how EU membership could benefit both Turkey and the EU.

Visions for Europe
3 June 2010

The EU is sliding towards intergovernmentalism and needs to reaffirm its faith in the ‘Community’ to deal with current problems, said Guy Verhofstadt, MEP and President of the ALDE Group, European Parliament, at the first in a ‘Visions of Europe’ briefing.

Turkish Foreign Policy and the Middle East
31 May 2010

In collaboration with the Istanbul based think tank TESEV, experts discussed the impact on Turkey’s to Middle East Foreign Policy towards the countries of the region and its perception in the West.

En route to the EU: progress and challenges for Albania
27 April 2010

European integration is of “pivotal importance” for Albania, said Foreign and Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta at a briefing.

Turkey on the rise
23 March 2010

At a lunch, His Excellency Ali Babacan, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and Economics Minister talked about Turkey’s continual progress and its right to EU membership.

Priorities for a new portfolio: what direction for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship in the EU?
18 March 2010

At a Breakfast Briefing, Viviane Reding, European Commission Vice-President in charge of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship discussed ways in which she planned to create justice for EU citizens.

Europe's Muslim women: under cover and under pressure?
16 March 2010

Speakers at a policy dialogue called for a common European identity based on shared values which would counteract the Islamophobia affecting Muslims, especially Muslim women, in Europe.

After Copenhagen: what next for EU climate and environment policy?
3 March 2010

At a breakfast briefing, Jo Leinen MEP offered some optimistic points of the otherwise seemingly disapointing  Copenhagen Summit, and pointed out three crucial aspects for future EU action.

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