Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Can eHealth be a European lead market?
21 October 2010

Europe’s changing demographics will put increasing pressure on healthcare services in EU Member States, but the advances in eHealth will help ameliorate the situation, save money and benefit patients, speakers agreed at a CHES Policy Dialogue.

Visions for European healthcare - CHES Annual Lecture
18 October 2010

John Dalli, European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, outlined his vision for a healthy Europe at the third CHES Annual Lecture.

Climate change in Europe – time to adapt?
6 October 2010

With the effects of climate change becoming more obvious every day, Europe urgently needs to take steps to adapt to these, said speakers at a Dialogue, held in conjunction with the King Baudouin Foundation to launch the Climate Change Adaptation Task Force, a joint EPC-KBF initiative.

Tackling the inequality in health: a prerequisite for a sustainable Social Europe 2030
23 September 2010

Health inequities are socially, not genetically produced, and making improvements in living and working conditions improves the overall health of the population. Conversely, failure to take action can lead to a waste in human capital, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue, in the context of the Well-being 2030 project.

A new momentum for climate action in Europe?
14 September 2010

Climate change and energy use must remain at the top of the political agenda, despite the failure to reach formal agreements at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen, said Commissioner Connie Hedegaard at a Breakfast Briefing.

Creating a Digital Single Market - from vision to action
16 July 2010

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue said that strengthening and enforcing the Single Market and putting the Digital Single Market at its core will help boost EU growth and benefit companies and consumers.

Rethinking healthcare in ageing societies: taking prevention and care out of hospitals - CHES Roundtable
2 July 2010

This CHES Roundtable considered the reasons for and ways of taking prevention and care out of hospitals.

Greening the European economy - from vision to action
29 June 2010

The 21st century will see an increasing global competition for resources, so Europe needs to become far more ‘resource-efficient’ said Janez Potočnik, European Commissioner for the Environment, at a Policy Briefing.

Public value and productivity in public services for sustainable well-being in Europe - Forum meeting
29 June 2010

This forum meeting investigated why and how Europe should give more attention to public services, even at a time of deterioration of public finances.

Europe 2020 and inclusive growth: beyond 100 days
11 June 2010

The economic and financial crisis has hit society hard, coupled with huge rises in employment, the squeeze on public finances, the need to reskill Europe’s workers and the demographic deficit, said László Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion at a Policy Briefing.

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