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Iran & non-proliferation: challenges and opportunities
2 October 2008

As a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Iran has a right to a uranium enrichment programme and has always agreed to stringent International Atomic Energy Agency inspections, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Russia on the global stage
3 September 2008

Events in Georgia have highlighted the need to strengthen EU-Russia relations, but sadly the West prefers to “contain” Russia, rather than working with it as an emerging strategic partner, said Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov at a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

Security and development in Africa: strengthening conflict prevention, resolution and management
15 July 2008

The EU and the African Union are developing a security and development partnership, based on enhancing dialogue between warring factions, overseeing Africa’s peace and security architecture, and supporting African security operations, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Global Europe: what next for EU foreign policy?
11 July 2008

The EU must face up to the challenges arising from the three key drivers of change which are shaping today’s world: economic changes, demography and climate change, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, told a Breakfast Briefing.

Supporting African governance: the donor's dilemma
8 July 2008

The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) is a unique initiative to assess governance in Africa, in which Heads of State agree to be peer reviewed by “equals”, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Japan and the G8 summit: tackling the challenge of climate change
26 June 2008

The Japanese government has introduced stringent measures to transform the country into a low-carbon society, so is now on target to meet its Kyoto commitments, Professor Hironori Hamanaka told a Policy Briefing.

Tackling Afghanistan's security and development dilemma
24 June 2008

The international community must give a long-term commitment to help rebuild Afghanistan, but Afghan leaders must be in the driving seat in strengthening the country’s institutions, and stamping out corruption and opium production, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Building democracy in Pakistan: a role for the EU and the US
16 June 2008

The recent elections in Pakistan could hail a “new dawn” in Pakistani politics, provided the new government takes immediate steps to strengthen the legal system, develop a new economic model, build state institutions and improve basic services, speakers told an EPC-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Policy Dialogue.

The US in 2008
5 June 2008

The economic downturn and continuing security concerns stemming from 9/11 will be the dominant issues in the US Presidential campaign, although the environment, healthcare, free trade, tax and social security will also be important, John Bruton, European Commission Ambassador to the United States, told a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

The Beijing Olympics: a driver for reform or a mask for modernity?
5 June 2008

The Beijing Olympic Games will demonstrate the two sides of China - the enormous progress the country has made over the last 30 years but also the ‘alarming’ levels of uneven development and the environmental consequences of its rapid economic development, Dr Minxin Pei,Senior Adviser at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, told a Policy Briefing.

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