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From red to gray: aging populations in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union
26 June 2007

Countries in East Europe and the former Soviet Union will face a demographic transformation of “enormous magnitude”, with falling birth rates and the ‘greying of the population’.

The challenges of domestic reform and Hungary's perspectives in the EU
26 June 2007

Hungary, together with other new EU Member States in Eastern Europe, is still going through political, economic, social and cultural transformation which could take many years to complete, Hungary’s Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány told a Policy Briefing.

Effective development aid: American, European and multilateral approaches
25 June 2007

Greater efforts are needed to ensure coherence in the EU’s external and internal actions, boost the effectiveness of the aid provided to developing countries and implement the Millennium Development Goals, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Serbia and the EU - latest developments and future prospects
25 June 2007

The new Serbian government is committed to remain on the path towards domestic reform and European integration, Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic told a joint EPC-King Baudouin Foundation Policy Briefing

Will the EU ever have a common foreign policy?
11 June 2007

A genuine EU Common Foreign and Security Policy remains a long way off, although implementation of the Constitutional Treaty provisions for an EU Foreign Minister and European External Action Service would make a significant difference, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Establishing the rule of law in Afghanistan: challenges for the EU
7 June 2007

Afghanistan has made significant progress in introducing key reforms in some areas but much more remains to be done, speakers told a Policy Dialogue organised by the EPC in collaboration with the International Center for Transitional Justice.

Ethnic profiling and ethical approaches to security and counter-terrorism
4 June 2007

Ethnic profiling – using ethnic, racial or religious stereotypes to build up pictures of potential terrorists – is both ineffective and counter-productive, as it alienates the communities which could help to fight terrorism, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Russian foreign policy today
30 May 2007

The West should not have unrealistic expectations about internal developments in Russia, Dmitri Trenin, Senior Associate and Deputy Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center, told a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

Competing and competitiveness in Europe and globally: an Italian perspective
23 May 2007

The EU is going through an economic upturn and so too, for the first time in many years, is Italy. But both are in danger of losing the advantages this could bring unless they boost investment, increase the skilled workforce, open up markets and remove red tape discouraging foreign investors, Emma Bonino, Italy’s Minister for International Trade and European Affairs, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Political Islam in the Middle East - threat to stability of impulse for reform?
22 May 2007

The EU needs a better understanding of Islamists in the Middle East in order to work constructively with them, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

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