Europe in the World

Asia's economic and financial crisis - ten years on
21 September 2007

The 1997 Asian financial crisis ushered in major political change in some of the worse-affected countries, speakers told an EPC-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Policy Dialogue.

Fixing failed states: an insider's view
23 July 2007

The international community must show leadership and imagination to use “open moments” in history to change the course of world politics, Ashraf Ghani, Chairman of the Institute of State Effectiveness, told a Policy Briefing.

China's energy security: policies and global impact
12 July 2007

China produces 93% of its energy, but still has problems meeting its needs because of its massive economic growth, and is therefore introducing energy-efficiency and conservation measures to deal with shortages, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Europe's responsibility to protect: what role for the EU?
9 July 2007

The 2005 United Nations’ World Summit endorsement of the ‘Responsibility to Protect’ principle, giving the international community a duty to intervene to protect citizens from mass atrocities, was a watershed moment, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Carla Del Ponte assesses eight years at the ICTY
5 July 2007

Attaching conditions to the start of EU membership negotiations has been the most effective tool in getting countries to work with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, its Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte told a Policy Briefing.

From red to gray: aging populations in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union
26 June 2007

Countries in East Europe and the former Soviet Union will face a demographic transformation of “enormous magnitude”, with falling birth rates and the ‘greying of the population’.

The challenges of domestic reform and Hungary's perspectives in the EU
26 June 2007

Hungary, together with other new EU Member States in Eastern Europe, is still going through political, economic, social and cultural transformation which could take many years to complete, Hungary’s Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány told a Policy Briefing.

Effective development aid: American, European and multilateral approaches
25 June 2007

Greater efforts are needed to ensure coherence in the EU’s external and internal actions, boost the effectiveness of the aid provided to developing countries and implement the Millennium Development Goals, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Serbia and the EU - latest developments and future prospects
25 June 2007

The new Serbian government is committed to remain on the path towards domestic reform and European integration, Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic told a joint EPC-King Baudouin Foundation Policy Briefing

Will the EU ever have a common foreign policy?
11 June 2007

A genuine EU Common Foreign and Security Policy remains a long way off, although implementation of the Constitutional Treaty provisions for an EU Foreign Minister and European External Action Service would make a significant difference, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

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