European Politics and Institutions

More politics into EU policies? Fixing Europe's problems
7 April 2008

The EU suffers from policy gridlock and has little “public legitimacy”, as previous policies have created a reality gap between Brussels and citizens in EU Member States, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Empowerment of Muslim women? Opportunities and challenges
22 February 2008

A study of the Koran shows that democracy and Islam are “absolutely compatible” and Muslim women can play a greater role in fostering democratic values in their societies, Irshad Manji, Senior Fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy, told a Policy Briefing.

France and the ESDP: St Malo, ten years later
21 February 2008

The 1998 Franco-British St Malo Declaration was “revolutionary”, Gérard Errera, Secretary General, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said in a lecture in cooperation with UACES.

Taking stock, looking ahead: regional co-operation in South-eastern Europe after the Stability Pact
15 February 2008

As the Stability Pact prepares to hand over its responsibilities in South-eastern Europe to the newly-formed Regional Cooperation Council, it can look back on a successful eight years, with the region now enjoying strong economic growth and greater security.

Minorities in an ever wider European Union
12 February 2008

Minorities in the ‘countries in transition’ in Central and Eastern Europe are discriminated against and marginalised because of the lack of legal provision to protect them adequately, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue, held in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation.

Euro-Turks: a bridge or a breach between Turkey and the European Union?
31 January 2008

Of the four million Turks living in Europe, 40% see themselves as both Turkish and European and are helping to bridge the gap between Turkey and the EU. But an equal number who do not “affiliate” themselves with their host country can create breaches between the two, speakers told a vPolicy Dialogue organised in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation.

The EU in 2008 - what MEPs expect
8 January 2008

The biggest issue for the EU in 2008 is to get the Lisbon Treaty ratified, the leaders of the European Parliament’s three largest political groups agreed at an a EPC debate organised in collaboration with EurActiv.

Establishing a European Public Prosecutor: arguments for and against
12 December 2007

The creation of a European Public Prosecutor, made possible by the new Lisbon Treaty, could provide a practical example of judicial cooperation in the EU’s criminal and legal space, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

The European Parliament and the December European Council
6 December 2007

Now that a new institutional reform package has been agreed, the “priority of priorities” is to get the Lisbon Treaty ratified in 2008 so that it can enter into force before the 2009 Euro-elections, Hans-Gert Pöttering, President of the European Parliament, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Gaining from migration: moving into a new century
30 November 2007

The world has entered an ‘age of mobility’ as distinct from an ‘age of migration’, and new approaches are needed to respond to this phenomenon, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

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