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Securing energy supply and tackling climate change: the view from India
26 April 2007

India needs to maintain an economic growth rate of 8% to eradicate poverty, but also recognises the importance of balancing energy needs with environmental safeguards, said Shyam Saran, Special Envoy to the Indian Prime Minister.

Counter-terrorism and police cooperation: combining effectiveness with democracy
20 April 2007

Following the attacks in New York, London and Madrid, the EU’s counter-terrorism strategy has become a cross-cutting policy in all the EU institutions, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Better regulation and the internal market
19 April 2007

Applying the principles of better regulation should help to make the internal market more efficient, Arlene McCarthy, Chair of the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

EU Consumer Policy
26 March 2007

The EU’s body of consumer legislation needs updating to ensure shoppers can take full advantage of the single market and have the confidence to do so, Robert Madelin, European Commission Director-General for Health and Consumer Protection, told a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

Perspectives for transatlantic cooperation and integration
23 March 2007

Everyone is looking to the EU-US summit in April to deliver a new transatlantic relationship - one which builds on existing strong links while recognising the emergence of other economic and political powers - speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Dealing (and the deal) with North Korea
22 March 2007

The agreement reached on North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme is “better than nothing”, speakers agreed at a joint EPC-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Policy Dialogue.

The EU's final frontiers
21 March 2007

Europe should not set its final frontiers in stone and should continue using its soft power to transform potential members and spread “European values".

China's 'rise': economic and social changes
9 March 2007

China’s rapid economic growth has prompted predictions that it will “collapse” or fears that it poses a threat to others, speakers told an EPC-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Policy Dialogue.

Turkey and the EU: negotiations, relations and challenges ahead
5 March 2007

Turkey is transforming itself as it looks ahead to EU membership and the reform process is creating “the Turkey of the future”, Ankara’s Chief Negotiator Ali Babacan told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Russia's Westpolitik and the EU's response
26 February 2007

Russia’s increasing self-confidence as an “energy power” has changed the balance in its relationship with the EU, as Moscow no longer sees itself as the Union’s “younger partner”, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

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