European Politics and Institutions

Britain's policy on Europe
14 September 2007

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown takes a “utilitarian” view of Europe, supporting it as far as it helps Britain, so his approach to EU negotiations is likely to be similar to that of former Premier Margaret Thatcher.

France and the EU: new government, new priorities?
18 July 2007

France has once again taken its place at the heart of Europe and Europe has ‘returned’ to France, French Minister of State for European Affairs Jean-Pierre Jouyet told a Policy Briefing.

Tenth Anniversary Conference debate on the State of the Union
29 June 2007

The agreement on the outline of a new EU treaty at the June summit was welcomed by speakers at the EPC’s 10th anniversary conference debate on the ‘State of the Union’.

Islam and democracy: does it work? Perspectives from South east Asia
21 June 2007

South-east Asians do not see any contradiction between Islam and democracy, and do not fear that electoral victory for Islamist parties would lead to the setting up of a Muslim state, Malaysia’s former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim told a Policy Dialogue organised as part of the EPC-Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF) ‘Asian Voices in Europe’ series.

Equal protection? Approaches to counter-trafficking in the EU and the Balkans
14 June 2007

The Balkan countries’ institutional framework for protecting the victims of trafficking is better than that of many EU Member States.

Priorities of the Portuguese Presidency
12 June 2007

The forthcoming Portuguese Presidency aims to “take the Union further and strengthen the European project” by focusing on three main goals: strengthening economic integration, reinforcing Europe’s role in the world and reinforcing its political underpinnings, HE Álvaro Mendonça e Moura, Portugal’s Permanent Representative to the EU, told a Breakfast Briefing.

The Europe we want: citizens' perspectives on the future of Europe
8 June 2007

The European Citizens’ Consultations, involving 1,800 citizens in all 27 EU Member States in the debate over Europe’s future, have provided a new way to reconnect the public with the Union and added a new dimension to the EU debate, speakers agreed at a Policy Dialogue.

Rules for decision-making in the Council: which way forward?
28 May 2007

The idea of basing the share-out of votes in the Council on the square root of each Member State’s population is “intellectually seductive but difficult” and stands no chance of being agreed, diplomats told a Policy Dialogue.

The co-existence of civilisations
19 March 2007

The ‘Co-existence of civilisations’ initiative aims to foster peace between cultures and faiths by empowering the powerless, encouraging inter-faith dialogue, creating public space for co-existence and overcoming the “security agenda”, Prince Hassan of Jordan told a joint EPC-King Baudouin Foundation Policy Briefing, held in collaboration with Mandag Morgen.

The Balkans in Europe: why, when and how?
8 March 2007

The Balkans is an “indisputable part of Europe” and the EU must abide by its commitment to them.

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