Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Getting Europe back to work - the contribution of active labour market policies
4 December 2007

Active labour market policies are needed to cope with demographic change in Europe and the prospect of a declining workforce unable to support the increasing number of retired people, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

The EU budget review: challenges and opportunities
17 October 2007

Budget reform is urgently needed to respond to new challenges in today’s dynamic, globalised world and EU spending needs to better reflect these new realities and priorities, Budget Commissioner Dalia Grybauskaitė told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Cultivating a market for innovation in Europe
16 October 2007

Innovation is a cross-cutting issue and must therefore move out of the “scientific box” and into “the reality of life”, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

EU Competition policy
12 October 2007

The June EU summit debate on competition in the context of the Reform Treaty was a “wake-up call” to governments to acknowledge the important role it plays, Philip Lowe, European Commission Director-General for Competition, told a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

Governance of the euro zone
9 October 2007

Sound economic management is the key to ensuring that the euro zone functions properly and guard again economic shocks, given the diversity of the countries within it, Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

The EU's energy goals
19 September 2007


The development of a genuinely competitive internal energy market, and a balanced approach towards energy efficiency, energy saving and reducing emissions, are preconditions for securing a competitive, affordable and clean energy in the future, Angelika Niebler, Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE), told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

The euro and European competitiveness
16 July 2007

The euro has been an economic success, with increased investment, low unemployment and the euro zone recording its fastest economic growth rate since 2000, Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquín Almunia told a Policy Briefing.

A globalisation strategy for the EU
2 July 2007

Globalisation should be seen as an opportunity rather than a risk, Claudia Dörr, Director-General at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, told a Sixty-Minute Briefing.

Improving transparency in the Union
29 June 2007

Ensuring transparency in the EU is essential to a pluralist democracy and helps to overcome the Union’s “democratic deficit”, European Ombudsman P. Nikiforos Diamandouros told an EPC Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Flexicurity in Europe
27 June 2007

Flexicurity is designed to modernise the labour market so countries can compete in a globalised world while safeguarding the European social model, Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Commissioner Vladimír �pidla told a Policy Briefing.

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