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Ukraine facing the future: on the road to reform
11 October 2005

With the Orange Revolution barely a year old, Ukraine Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov aptly summed up his country's aspirations by quoting the words of the hero of the hour, President Viktor Yushchenko who said that "without Ukraine, Europe will not be complete" at a conference.

The future of the EU and its relations with the US
15 September 2005

Speaking at a Breakfast Policy Briefing, Ambassador John Bruton, Head of the European Commission's Delegation to the United States, said he had seen a major transformation in American attitudes towards Europe in his ten months in the job.

What prospects for reform in the wider Middle East?
11 July 2005

Keynote speakers at a joint European Policy Centre and World Bank Policy Dialogue painted a sombre picture of progress on the ground, while acknowledging positive signs of changes in the long term. They stressed the importance of using the potential of the European Union’s Barcelona Process, which embraces partner countries in the Mediterranean region. Senior diplomats from the region were more optimistic, stressing the progress which had been made, while conceding that much more work remained to be done.

The EU-India Strategic Partnership - Opportunities for EU and Indian Business
30 June 2005

Speaking at a Policy Briefing, India's Foreign Secretary H E Shyam Saran said that the new EU-India strategic partnership offered scope for significant deepening of the EU-India economic, political and security relations.

Confronting terrorism through democratic means: The Madrid Agenda at the European level
15 June 2005

Addressing a joint EPC-Club de Madrid Policy Dialogue the European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and Security, Franco Frattini, underlined the importance of upholding fundamental rights and freedoms in formulating functional anti-terrorism policy.

Strengthening the EU's Defence Capacity: the role of the European Defence Agency
6 June 2005

The newly appointed Chief Executive of the European Defence Agency, Nick Witney, gave an overview of the Agency's structure and working methods at a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Whatever happened to the European Security Strategy?
1 June 2005

Speaking at a Dialogue, the chairman of the EPC Work Programme on the Future of CFSP, Carl Bildt, called for a repoliticisation of the European Security Strategy (ESS).

The Future of EU-Taiwan Science and Technology Cooperation
30 May 2005

The EPC held a Policy Dialogue to discuss EU-Taiwan cooperation in science and technology. Panellists agreed that as one of the 'Asian Tigers' Taiwan had much to show Europe in terms of best practices.

Transatlantic Security Challenges and Possibilities for Cooperation
25 May 2005

The European Policy Centre and the Transatlantic Center of the German Marshall Fund of the United States jointly hosted a Policy Briefing at which the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, outlined his views on transatlantic security cooperation.

EU-US Strategic Dialogue on East Asia
25 May 2005

US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs, Christopher R. Hill, spoke at a Policy Dialogue to address the transatlantic Strategic Dialogue on East Asia.

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