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Hong Kong: promise or burial of a successful Doha Development Agenda?
31 January 2006

Christine Lagarde, French Minister for Trade, urged World Trade Organization members to strive for a "balanced" package of measures to liberalise global trade in the current Doha round.

Non-proliferation and terrorism: EU visions and policies
16 December 2005

The international security environment is the most complicated the world has ever known because of the highly complex character of new terrorist threats.

The EU's role in Asian Security
5 December 2005

European Union (EU) Member States increasingly recognise that the Union needs a more coherent and focused security policy towards Asia, according to speakers at a Dialogue.

The European Union in the Middle East peace process
1 December 2005

Europe's recent role in the Middle East conflict has been little short of remarkable, Marc Otte, EU Special Representative for the Middle East, told a Breakfast Briefing.

New Zealand and the EU: different regions, similar challenges
29 November 2005

The European Union and New Zealand have many common values and face many common challenges despite the great physical distance between them, New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clark told a Breakfast Policy Briefing.

Communicating Europe to the world: what public diplomacy for the EU?
22 November 2005

The European Union has a compelling story to tell, but does not tell it well enough on the world stage. That was the message from panellists at the launch of the EPC’s Working Paper on Communicating Europe to the world: what public diplomacy for the EU?

A summer of disasters: learning from American and European experiences
21 November 2005

The strategic implications of Turkey's EU bid
17 November 2005

The EPC, together with the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and the Turkish Foreign Policy Institute (DPE), organised a one-day conference. Speakers included leading experts from both Turkey and the European Union and the conference addressed a wide range of issues raised by the start of accession negotiations with Ankara.

EU-Russia relations: moving forwards or backwards?
13 October 2005

Vladimir Chizhov, head of Russia's Mission to the European Union, set the mood at a dialogue organised by the EPC in conjunction with the Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung by challenging the title of the discussion.

What future for multilateralism after the Millennium Summit?
12 October 2005

At best two cheers, but certainly not three" was how Lord Hannay, a member of the United Nations' High-Level Panel, summed up the outcome of the UN Millennium Summit in New York in September at a conference organised by the Royal Institute for International Relations (IRRI-KIIB), the EPC and the United Nations Association Flanders Belgium (VVN).

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