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The Special Monitoring Mission in Ukraine: a useful but flawed OSCE tool
23 April 2015
Joseph D'Urso (Journalist who has contributed to Al Jazeera, Reuters and the Huffington Post) and Dennis Sammut (Member of the EPC's Strategic Council; Director, LINKS)

Time for the EU to assume a bigger role in the OSCE

Trade and geopolitics: should the EU engage with the Eurasian Economic Union?
2 April 2015
Rilka Dragneva-Lewers (Senior Lecturer at the Birmingham Law School) and Kataryna Wolczuk (Reader in Politics and International Studies at the University of Birmingham)

Can a closer cooperation between the EU and the Eurasian Economic Union bring peace to eastern Ukraine and restore EU-Russia relations?

‘Bibi strikes back’ - Israeli elections in a transforming domestic and international landscape
26 March 2015
Andrea Frontini (Former Policy Analyst at the EPC)

Israeli elections in the midst of growing tensions, at home and abroad

Crimea one year after Russian annexation
24 March 2015
Amanda Paul (Senior Policy Analyst)

Why the international community shouldn’t forget about Crimea

Greece back on centre stage: the results of a déjà vu summit | Post-Summit Analysis
23 March 2015
Janis A. Emmanouilidis (Director of Studies)

Did the March 2015 European Council prepare the grounds for a breakthrough between Greece and its lenders?

Federalist rhetoric or political tactics? The what, where, who, when and why of Juncker’s call for a common European army
12 March 2015
Andrea Frontini (Former Policy Analyst at the EPC)

Will Juncker’s call for a common European army trigger a renewed - and presumably heated - debate on European defence integration?

EU's quest for energy security - What role for the Energy Union?
3 March 2015
Annika Hedberg (Senior Policy Analyst)

Can the Energy Union respond to the EU’s energy security challenge?

Russia and Turkey - What does their partnership mean for the EU?
13 February 2015
Dimitar Bechev (EPC Academic Fellow, Director of the European Policy Institute (Sofia) and Visiting Fellow, Centre for European Studies, Harvard University)

Do closer ties between Russia and Turkey spell bad news for the EU?

Europe’s energy security – is the Energy Union the answer?
28 January 2015
Annika Hedberg (Senior Policy Analyst)

Russia's role in Europe's energy security

Re-thinking the EU's development paradigm: views from Morocco and Tunisia
12 January 2015
Bohdana Dimitrovova (Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Tubingen and Visiting Research Fellow at the EPC) and Zuzana Novakova (Doctoral researcher, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Is it time to rethink the European Neighbourhood Policy’s prevailing paradigm of growth-driven development?

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