European Politics and Institutions

Historic turning point or just another chapter? The results of a foreign-policy summit - Post-Summit Analysis
24 March 2014
by: Janis A. Emmanouilidis

An analysis of the March 2014 European Council

A more effective structure for the Commission
7 March 2014
by: Fabian Zuleeg

Options for a new structure for the Commission and the challenges entailed in such a change.

Legitimising EU Policymaking: What role for National Parliaments?
28 January 2014
by: Janis A. Emmanouilidis, Thomas Fischer, Sonia Piedrafita, and Corina Stratulat

This joint Discussion Paper argues that focusing on domestic responsibilities would be the most straightforward and effective way for national parliaments to strengthen their direct involvement in EU policy formulation.

Pre-Summit Analysis
18 December 2013
by: Rosa Balfour, Janis A. Emmanouilidis, Andrea Frontini, Amanda Paul, Corina Stratulat, and Fabian Zuleeg

The key topics on the agenda of this week’s European Council – Single Resolution Mechanism, contractual agreements, defence, EU-Ukraine, enlargement, and European External Action Service – must be treated with urgency by EU leaders, say EPC analysts in this Commentary.

Strategic Options for Europe’s Future – first report of the New Pact for Europe project
9 December 2013

This report, which reflects the work and discussions of a Reflection Group including EU experts from different Member States, analyses the 'state of the Union', describes the key challenges Europe faces and presents five potential strategic options for the future of European integration.

EU enlargement to the Balkans: shaken, not stirred
4 November 2013
by: Corina Stratulat

In this Policy Brief, Corina Stratulat argues that, in its current form, the process of EU enlargement to the Balkans could be heading towards a bottleneck.

A summit of little substance
28 October 2013
by: Janis A. Emmanouilidis

The European Council meeting on 24-25 October was a rather low-key affair, with no ground-breaking decisions taken by EU leaders on the four key topics on the agenda, says Janis A. Emmanouilidis in this Post-Summit Commentary.

Pre-Summit Analysis
23 October 2013
by: Janis A. Emmanouilidis, Romain Pardo, Yves Pascouau, and Fabian Zuleeg

The key topics on the agenda of this week’s European Council – the Economic and Monetary Union, growth and jobs, the digital economy and asylum and immigration policy – must be treated with urgency by EU leaders, say EPC analysts in this Pre-Summit Commentary.

People dying at the EU's external borders: Can the Summit find the right answer?
22 October 2013
by: Yves Pascouau

Following the recent human tragedies in the Mediterranean Sea, EU leaders will discuss asylum and immigration policy at this week’s Summit. In this Commentary, Yves Pascouau argues that the EU must provide clear answers on what actions will be taken together at EU level.

Albania and the European Union – No time to depart from the ‘carrot and stick’ approach
16 September 2013
by: Corina Stratulat, and Gjergji Vurmo

In this Commentary, Corina Stratulat and Gjergji Vurmo argue that, in response to Albania’s recent strides to meet EU conditions, Brussels should reciprocate.

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