European Migration and Diversity

Refugee integration into the labour market: The role of employers

This project focuses on the role of employers in the integration of refugees into the labour market. The project is developed in cooperation with the European Commission, international organisations, companies, trade unions, chambers of commerce and NGOs working on this issue. The main goal is to find possible ways to improve and expand EU efforts to increase refugee employment by helping EU institutions better understand and address the obstacles that prevent employers from hiring and/or training refugees. In order to gather the information required to draft recommendations, the project envisages the creation of a questionnaire distributed to private and public employers, expert roundtables in Brussels and a Policy Brief, to be presented at a final conference in Brussels. The questionnaire and expert roundtables seek to identify the challenges facing stakeholders, to better understand their needs, and to determine to what extent EU actions and legislation can address those needs. These findings are then to be used to develop policy recommendations which will be outlined in the Policy Brief. A final conference will be organised to formally present this Policy Brief and discuss the issue with a broader audience.

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