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Implementing the Lisbon Treaty's Solidarity Clause: Time for Action - Workshop

24 May 2011

Article 222 (TFEU), the Solidarity Clause, calls upon Member states, working together with the EU institutions, to assist one another in the event of a terrorist attack, man-made disaster, or natural disaster. To this end the Union shall mobilise all the instruments at its disposal. But the Clause also contains references to protection and prevention, urging the European Council to “regularly assess the threats facing the Union in order to enable the Union and Member states to take effective action.” Considering its character as umbrella provision, the Clause constitutes a potentially unique vehicle for joining up policies and programs across sectoral and institutional boundaries. This workshop focused on the possibility for an implemented Solidarity Clause to promote a more “coherent European risk management policy”, which is one of the main goals for EU internal security over the next few years.

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