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EU enlargement to the Balkans - The role of the member states

29 September 2015

The European Union’s enlargement to the Balkans seems to be running on autopilot since Croatia’s accession in 2013 and amidst the on-going crisis. While the region still has a clear European perspective, progress on the dossier has been marred not just by outstanding challenges in individual Balkan countries but often also by hurdles that develop within the Union – more specifically in the member states. The European Policy Centre’s (EPC) project EU member states and enlargement towards the Balkans explored these issues in detail in an Issue Paper including 17 case studies and two theoretical chapters, authored by 22 experienced researchers and edited by Corina Stratulat, Senior Policy Analyst, EPC, and Rosa Balfour, Senior Adviser to EPC on Europe in the World. This Policy Dialogue brought together six experts and practitioners to discuss both the findings of the Issue Paper and the possibilities for EU institutions, Western Balkans countries and member states to respond to the apparently changing drivers in enlargement policy.

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