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The 7 June parliamentary elections - A battle for Turkey’s future
27 May 2015

The last democratic elections in Turkey?

Political Islam and democracy: friends or foes?
31 March 2015

Is political Islam compatible with democracy?

Turkey’s economy at a crossroads
19 November 2014

Can Turkey be a major global economic actor?

Turkey’s economy at a crossroads

Turkey-EU relations: what next?
9 October 2014

Turkey-EU relations: where do we go from here?

Turkey-EU relations: what next?

The Iraq Crisis, ISIS and the region
3 July 2014

The Islamic State: History and Future

The Iraq Crisis, ISIS and the region

Media freedom in Turkey - Under pressure but continuing to fight back
15 May 2014

Media freedom in Turkey remains a matter of great concern as it continues to regress.

Media freedom in Turkey

Evaluating Turkey’s local elections - What will the future bring?
3 April 2014

Late March 2014 Turks went to the polls for important local elections which saw the ruling AKP party’s share of the vote rising six percentage points compared with the most recent municipal elections in 2009 results.

Evaluating Turkey’s local elections

Turmoil in Turkey - What's it all about and where is it heading?
24 January 2014

This Dialogue analysed the current situation in the country, its impact, possible future scenarios, including how it may affect relations with Turkey’s allies, including the EU.

Turmoil in Turkey

Judicial reform in Turkey - A critical assessment
18 December 2013

Turkey's long-running efforts at judicial reform are delivering genuine improvements but these positive steps had been piecemeal and had still not been translated into public trust.

Judicial reform in Turkey

Turkey and the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership – Realities and expectations
26 November 2013

Turkey’s Customs Union with the EU might be in question unless the country's interests are protected in the current Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) talks.

Turkey and the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership

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