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EU-Asia Dialogue

The evolving regional economic architecture in the Asia-Pacific - Implications for the European Union
8 November 2011

Asia-Pacific nations are pursuing closer, more structured trade relations with one another and Europe must move quickly to boost its engagement in the region to avoid losing business opportunities to other key players like the USA, heard participants in a Policy Briefing.

Rising to the China challenge - the future of EU-China economic relations
14 October 2011

China’s rate of economic growth is all the more impressive given its population of 1.2 billion people and the country should now be considered as a genuine competitor to the European Union, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue hosted in collaboration with BUSINESSEUROPE.

Japanese and European approaches to climate change
20 September 2011

International climate change negotiations are mired in problems ahead of the Durban conference in December and need a push to get back on track, Hironori Hamanaka, a professor at Keio University and chair of the Institute for Global Environment Strategies, told a Policy Briefing.

Smart sanctions - A key instrument for EU foreign policy towards Asia?
23 June 2011

Smart and targeted sanctions practised by the EU could be more effective if utilised in a structured process similar to the ACP framework, agreed speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

The Asian development model and Africa: Eastern lessons for African challenges?
7 June 2011

Speakers at an EUforAsia Brussels Briefing debated the reasons for African economic stagnation and retardation, and the strong contrast between the regions of Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.

Chinese energy policy towards the Caspian region
16 May 2011

China’s strategy for energy security and diversification of energy sources in the Central Asia region is entirely legitimate, agreed speakers at a Policy Dialogue.

North Korea - an insider view
17 March 2011

Speaking at an EUforAsia Brussels briefing, Edward Pietrzyk, Polish Ambassador to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, gave a vivid presentation of the daily life of people in North Korea, stressing their resourcefulness and friendly attitude.

Afghan women: an uphill struggle for legal rights
1 February 2011

This is a good time for women in Afghanistan, although there are still serious security problems that make life very difficult, according to speakers at an EUforAsia Brussels Briefing.

East Asian security: views from Japan
29 November 2010

Tsutomu Kikuchi, Professor in International Relations at Aoyama Gakuin University, and Tsuneo Watanabe, Senior Research Fellow at the Tokyo Foundation, presented a tour d’horizon of Asian security and political relations at a Policy Dialogue.

Cross-border terrorism: time for global action?
22 November 2010

The ways in which countries and multinational organisations cooperate in order to stop international and cross-border terrorism raises extremely complicated issues, agreed speakers at an EUforAsia Brussels Briefing.

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