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Macedonia or the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia? - Time to solve the name game
20 December 2011

The opening of EU accession negotiations with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) has been blocked since 2005 over a name dispute with Greece, and tensions between the two countries are currently running high and a solution seems further away than ever, said Nikola Poposki, Foreign Minister of FYROM, at a Policy Briefing.

Prospects and policies for growth in the Balkans: The role of human capital
17 November 2011

Balkan countries continue to enjoy good economic growth prospects: particularly those on the road to EU membership. But the region is beset by structural problems and the wider crisis is beginning to take its toll, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

Kosovo’s European perspective - Forum meeting
18 October 2011

This forum discussed the increasing uncertain European perspective in Kosovo, the last country in the Balkans not to have started talks on visa liberation with the EU and to normalise relations with Serbia.

Kosovo in Europe and the Balkans
13 July 2011

The government of Kosovo has had two main goals for the past three years, Enver Hoxhaj, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo, told a Policy Briefing.

Making good governance sustainable in South Eastern Europe - Forum meeting
20 June 2011

This meeting, in cooperation with Transparency International, identified lessons that could be learned and best approaches with regards to EU enlargement, based on the experience of Croatia in accession negotiations.

Serbia: en route towards the EU
7 June 2011

Serbia has reached another milestone in reconciliation in the region with the capture of Ratko Mladić and is ready to play a constructive role in resolving all regional issues, a Policy Briefing was told by the President of the Republic of Serbia, Boris Tadić.

Dealing with the past: justice and reconciliation in the Western Balkans
5 May 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue were agreed on the importance of an initiative to deal with the recent violent past of the former Yugoslavia.

Montenegro after the Commission's Opinion
7 December 2010

The European Commission’s Opinion on starting accession negotiations validates Montenegro’s commitment to EU integration, said Montenegro’s Minister for European Integration Gordana Đurović at a Policy Briefing.

The rocky road to ‘normality’: public opinion in the Balkans
17 November 2010

The latest Balkan Monitor Survey results show that many people in the region are still struggling to live on their incomes. There are, however, positive signs and each country has to be examined separately, as outlined at a Policy Dialogue held in cooperation with the European Fund for the Balkans.

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