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EU-Asia Dialogue

China-EU relations: what prospects for the next 35 years?
27 October 2010

There was widespread agreement that relations between the EU and China are at a difficult juncture, at a policy dialogue organised in conjunction with the Europe-Asia Policy Forum.

Thailand after the crisis: domestic and international challenges
23 June 2010

Throughout the last century, Thailand struggled and succeeded in becoming a fully-fledged liberal democracy, but recent events have unsettled the country, said Ambassador Kasit Piromya, Thai Foreign Minister at a Policy Briefing organised in cooperation with Leiden University's International Institute for Asian Studies.

Ensuring sustainable development: a common challenge for Asia and Europe
16 June 2010

As both Asia and the EU are both net energy important and need to diversity their energy sources, the two regions should cooperate to develop a low carbon economy, develop renewables and be more energy efficient, said speakers at a Policy Dialogue, held in cooperation with Leiden University’s International Institute for Asia Studies.

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