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Cooperation and geopolitics in the Black Sea: prospects and challenges
5 September 2012

The Black Sea region is of huge geostrategic importance to the EU, acting as an energy corridor and a bridge to the East, but the EU is yet to fully harness the potential for closer relations with partners in the region, participants heard in a Policy Dialogue.

Black Sea

The Arab awakening and the role of Turkey
7 June 2012

Turkey's role as a bridge between East and West puts it in a unique position to become a regional leader, heard participants at a Policy Dialogue.

Turkey's Arab Spring

The changing dynamics of the EU-Turkey political dialogue - New opportunities and challenges
23 March 2012

Turkey is a pivotal actor in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, but many still underestimate its importance as a beacon of stability in an otherwise volatile neighbourhood, said Ahmet Davutoğlu, Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, at a Policy Briefing.

The changing dynamics of the EU-Turkey political dialogue - New opportunities and challenges

Turkey-EU relations: Time for a new agenda?
29 November 2011

Egemen Bağış, Turkish EU Affairs Minister, told a Breakfast Policy Briefing that Turkey is at the heart of positive developments taking place in the EU’s neighbourhood.

The decades old Cyprus Problem
24 November 2011

Özdil Nami, Member of the Republican Turkish Party and former negotiator in the Cyprus peace talks for former leader of the Turkish Cypriot Community, Mehmet Ali Talat, gave a presentation to a group of experts on the decades old Cyprus Problem.

Turkey-EU Relations: common Interests revisited
17 November 2011

A high-level conference, held in cooperation with TUSKON, focused on questions related to the economy, foreign policy, democracy, trade and freedoms and values.

EU-Turkey relations - Towards visa liberalisation?
21 October 2011

Turkey’s EU membership negotiations may have come unstuck recently but progress on visa liberalisation has also ground to a halt, heard participants in a Policy Dialogue.

Turkish Insights Roundtable
28 September 2011

At a Turkish Insights Roundtable a lively discussion took place on the topic of Turkey’s role in NATO and more broadly on recent events in the Eastern Mediterranean concerning Israel and Cyprus.

Turkey after the elections - what next?
17 June 2011

Turkey’s election was ‘historic’ and is a decisive step towards consolidating a liberal democracy as focus now moves towards negotiations for a new constitution, speakers told a Policy Dialogue.

Turkish energy policy: a 360° approach
30 May 2011

Speakers at a Policy Dialogue agreed that Turkey has the potential to become a critical link between the East and West in terms of gas and oil supplies and, with the creation of three possible pipelines in the future, Turkey will be an important partner in energy transportation supply chains.

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