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Industrial Policy Task Force

New Industrial Policy for Europe EPC-EESC Joint Conference
12 November 2014

This high-level final conference brought together high-level EU and national leaders, researchers and business representatives to address the following issues: the main factors challenging the competitiveness of European industry; the role of our industries in Europe’s recovery and of manufacturing in an industrial renaissance; the role of European and national authorities as part of a new industrial policy; and how to develop a new strategic vision of the future of EU industrial policy.  The key findings and policy recommendations of the Task Force and of the EPC Issue Paper ‘Towards a new industrial policy for Europe’ were also presented.

A new Industrial Policy for Europe
12 November 2014

A new life for industry, a new life for Europe

A new Industrial Policy for Europe

The EU industrial policy: what ideal scenario for its future? - Task Force meeting
9 July 2014

The meeting discussed the key characteristics the ideal policy scenario of a European Industrial Policy should present and the measures to be taken to implement it.

What future for European industrial policy? Three possible scenarios - Task Force meeting
14 May 2014

The Task Force meeting discussed the three scenarios presented in the EPC Discussion Paper entitled ‘Sharing the same vision – The cornerstone of a new industrial policy for Europe’.

The process of offshoring-reshoring: what impact on jobs and the value chain? - Task Force meeting
11 March 2014

The Task Force meeting discussed the role and impact of offshoring and reshoring on global value chains and jobs in Europe. The example of German companies was also presented as well as the case of a French innovating company in the textile industry.

The role of the state in boosting the competitiveness of industries - What challenges and opportunities? - Task Force meeting
11 February 2014

The meeting discussed the role of public authorities in promoting the competitiveness of European industries and explored concrete examples of public procurement of innovative solutions.

The external dimension of industrial policy - Task Force meeting
10 December 2013

This meeting debated and identified the measures and policy recommendations which could boost European industry internationally and in a coherent way.

Towards a knowledge driven re-industrialisation: what impact on skills and human capital? - Task Force meeting
13 November 2013

This Task Force meeting discussed what are Europe's future skills needs and the extent to which stronger cooperation between key actors could better respond to these needs.

Innovation Policy: A pre-condition for re-industrialising Europe - Task Force meeting
25 October 2013

This Task Force meeting identified solutions to overcome the signficant barriers preventing the EU and Member States from exploiting Europe's full potential vis-à-vis innovation.

The Warsaw climate negotiations: expectations, prospects and implications for Europe - Roundtable
23 October 2013

This Roundtable meeting provided the inside track on the EU's objectives and expectations for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, to be held in Warsaw from 11 to 22 November.

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