Sustainable Prosperity for Europe

Economic Policy Forum

Increasing the efficiency of the public sector in Europe - forum meeting
14 May 2013

This forum meeting, organised in cooperation with the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI), discussed the main options to increase the efficiency and performance measurement of the public sector in Europe.

Interstate solidarity in Europe - counting the costs - Forum meeting
19 June 2012

This forum meeting debated the usefulness and impact of the solidarity actions put in place so far and discussed the different options Europe has at its disposal to stop the contagion and restore confidence in the financial markets.

More equal income distribution in Europe for better economic and social stability? – Forum meeting
23 March 2011

This meeting analysed the main drivers and effects of income inequality in Europe and looked into the tools which are more likely to reduce income inequality.

Will current austerity measures reduce citizens’ long-term well-being? – Forum meeting
25 November 2010

This Economic Policy Forum debate focused on the question of how European policy makers should steer public finances back onto a sustainable path, while minimising the negative effect on citizens' quality of life.

Public value and productivity in public services for sustainable well-being in Europe - Forum meeting
29 June 2010

This forum meeting investigated why and how Europe should give more attention to public services, even at a time of deterioration of public finances.

Hard choices for hard times: public services in Social Europe 2030 - Forum meeting
6 May 2010

The purpose of this forum meeting was to debate the future role that public services will play in our European social model and their ideal structure of provision.

A new approach to implementing the Europe 2020 Strategy: carrots or sticks? - Joint meeting
15 March 2010

This meeting looked into how to improve the implementation of the new Europe 2020 Strategy. Better governance and new mechanisms are needed to ensure delivery.

Caught between a rock and a hard place: public finance consolidation in the aftermath of the crisis - Forum meeting
9 February 2010

This Forum meeting focused on how European policy makers should steer public finances back to a sustainable path in the aftermath of the crisis.

Measuring citizens’ well-being for better EU policies - Forum meeting
7 October 2009

This Forum meeting dealt with how to exploit and improve current methods of measuring citizens’ well-being for better EU policy-making.

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