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Europe and the crisis: implications for EU foreign policy - Workshop
6 December 2012

This workshop considered the impact of the crisis on EU foreign and security policy and its global role, which can help imagine the EU’s future on the international scene if and when the crisis is over, and also served as a brainstorming exercise in preparation of the Brussels Think Tank Dialogue in January 2013.

The Arab Awakening - Mapping the changes in EU and US policies
11 July 2012

This workshop discussed the similarities and differences in the EU and US approaches in the region, and the extent to which their policies are delivering results in the region, and whether they have maintained their promises to the countries in transition.

The EEAS and migration - Workshop
26 September 2011

This workshop discussed how the EEAS can help the EU develop a more united and strategic approach to migration in its relations with third countries.

The EEAS and energy policies - Workshop
1 July 2011

This workshop addressed the potential capacity of the EEAS to understand how it can build effective protection for the EU's strategic interests while contributing to global solutions for safely weathering climate change.

The EEAS and terrorism - Workshop
16 June 2011

This workshop discussed the right priorities and tools for the EU to adopt with regards to terrorism, a decade after 9/11, and what role the EEAS can play in bringing coherence to relevant external actions and improving overall coordination.

The EEAS and human rights - Workshop
6 May 2011

This workshop addressed the potential capacity of the EEAS to improve a human rights-based foreign policy.

The EEAS and non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament - Workshop
11 April 2011

This workshop addressed the added value that the EEAS can provide in the fields of non-proliferation, arms control and disarmament.

Prospects for change in Saudi Arabia – Implications for Europe - Forum meeting
7 April 2011

This Forum meeting discussed the emerging changes, current developments and longer term perspectives for Saudi Arabia in the light of sweeping unrest throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.

The peace-building prospects of the EEAS - Workshop
21 March 2011

This workshop discussed the ways in which the EEAS can improve peace-building policies after conflict, preventing new conflicts and moving towards longer-term strategies for sustainable peace.

The EEAS and the challenges of crisis management - Workshop
17 February 2011

This workshop focused on how the EEAS can help the EU develop a stronger and more united approach to foreign policy.

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