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The water-energy-food nexus - Addressing the resource challenge in Europe and Asia
18 June 2014

Food and Resource Security – what can EU and Asia do together?

The water-energy-food nexus

Learning from each other: Creating more sustainable and greener societies in China and the EU - Roundtable
12 June 2014

The EU puts a lot of emphasis on promoting a more sustainable economy within Europe and at an international cooperation level. The growing relationship of China and the EU in areas such as trade, security, economic governance, and its increased interest in promoting a more sustainable and greener socio-economic model have turned China into a key partner for tackling environmental challenges on a global scale. In order to discuss such relevant issues, the EPC organised an ‘EU-China Roundtable’, in cooperation with the Mission of People’s Republic of China to the EU.

Making sustainable cities work in Europe and Asia - Workshop
17 September 2013

This workshop, organised in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Singapore, explored the solutions and lessons learned with regards to making transport, infrastructure, energy and building sectors within cities more sustainable.

Social cohesion in Europe and Asia: prospects and challenges - Workshop
11 June 2013

This workshop, organised in cooperation with the Singapore Office of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, focused on the importance of maintaining social cohesion and the need to understand its multiple dimensions, including social cohesion, social capital and social mobility in order to shape appropriate policy responses in Europe and Asia.

Legal migration policies in Asia and the EU: common problems and challenges?
6 March 2013

Both Asia and Europe are facing common problems in terms of demographic change, the need to rebound from the economic crisis and worries about their attractiveness in light of projected needs for legal migration.

Legal migration policies in Asia and the EU

8th EU-China Think Tank Roundtable
25 October 2012

The 8th EU-China Think Tank Roundtable, organised in cooperation with the EU-Asia Centre, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the China Institute of International Studies, was held at the EPC offices.

Sound regional development in rural and urban areas in the EU and China - a comparative perspective
10 May 2012

This roundtable, in cooperation with the Mission of the People’s Republic of China to the European Union, stimulated debate on the importance of EU-China dialogue in the wake of enhanced cooperation on regional development in recent years.

Improving regional security architecture through an Asia-Europe strategic partnership
13 December 2011

Security is an area in which EU-Asia cooperation can bear fruit, particularly as both regions share experience of conflict management, heard participants in a Briefing.

Paths through the crisis: Can enhanced financial integration provide the way forward for Asia and Europe?
2 December 2011

Europe will need to do more than simply move towards fiscal union while leaving the current EU institutional set-up intact if it is to boost growth, heard participants at a Policy Briefing.

Transition in Afghanistan – Possible scenarios and their impact on Europe
15 November 2011

The EU wants to help stabilise Afghanistan and promote development, but a secure environment, contact between stakeholders and meaningful action to fight corruption and the illegal opium trade are prerequisites for success there, heard participants in an EU for Asia Brussels Briefing.

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