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EPC in the refugee crisis debate

Turkey Europe Future Forum
31 May 2016

Andreia Ghimis attended the Turkey Europe Future Forum which took place from May 29 to June 5, 2016 in Brussels, Essen and Berlin. The main objective of the Future Forum is to strengthen ties between young leaders from Turkey and Europe with a view to leveraging European discourse and creating a network based on mutual trust. 

EPIM update March 2016
9 March 2016

In this March 2016 installment of the EPC Policy Update for the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), Andreia Ghimis, Yves Pascouau and Norma Rose analyse recent EU-level policy-making, legislation and jurisprudence relevant to EPIM’s sub-funds on (1) immigration detention; (2) reforms of the Common European Asylum System; (3) children on the move and (4) EU mobile citizens’ access to social benefits. It covers the period from 15 December 2015 to 1 March 2016 and focuses on Schengen, the Commission's proposals regarding common European border management, and the implications of the new UK-EU deal for the freedom of movement of EU citizens. 

The refugee crisis
9 March 2016

Yves Pascouau participated in a round table debate at the French National Assembly in the framework of the 'Informative mission to evaluate the European mechanism to take charge of the exceptional migration influx' on 9 March 2016. 

Will Schengen survive?
9 March 2016

Yves Pascouau took part in a round table discussion organised by the Jacques Delors Institute, in cooperation with France terre d’asile, about the massive influx of refugees in Europe, and its impact on Schengen, in Saint Omer, France, on 9 March 2016. 

Turkey-Europe Future Forum
4 March 2016

Andreia Ghimis has been selected by the Mercator Program Center for International Affairs to participate (with 29 other young professionals aged between 28 and 35) in their second Turkey-Europe Future Forum, which will focus on the refugee crisis. The Forum will take place from 29 May to 5 June in Brussels, Essen and Berlin. 

1 March 2016

Yves Pascouau wrote a paper together with Sylvie Guillaume on Schengen: 'The rise of national borders and the fall of a symbol', which was published on the website

Labour market integration of refugees: EU funding instruments
17 February 2016

Fabian Zuleeg's Commentary A Common Refugee Integration Fund has been included in a briefing note on social inclusion and labour market integration of refugees for the public hearing of the Social Affairs and Employment Committee of the European Parliament. 

ECFR's World in 30 Minutes: The foreign policy of the refugee crisis
15 February 2016

Herman Van Rompuy and Janis Emmanouilidis spoke about the foreign policy dimension of the refugee crisis on the European Council on Foreign Relations 'World in 30 Minutes' podcast, just ahead of a President's Table event with Herman Van Rompuy in conversation with Pierre Vimont, former Executive Secretary-General of the European External Action Service.

Romania's vote against the temporary relocation mechanism
16 November 2015

Andreia Ghimis wrote a piece arguing against Romania’s vote in the Justice and Home Affairs Council of 22 September opposing the Council decision on the temporary relocation mechanism of 120 000 refugees. The article was published on, a public interactive debate platform owned by the Median Research Centre, a Romanian independent think tank.

Reception of refugees
13 November 2015

As part of the University of Nantes' Europa Alliance Forum, Yves Pascouau spoke at a Conference entitled  "The debate on the reception of refugees, a new indicator of the crisis in Europe?"

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